Maybe I should have titled this: Bad Luck, Part 3. Probably. But "meltdown" is a lot closer to my emotional status at the moment. So, let me first say that we own three cars. One of which the air conditioner hasn't worked in forever and we've tried to fix it and so far nothing's worked. So, since it's a million degrees outside, this is a problem. We took it to this place to get it fixed and, of course, ended up getting other things fixed too. Meanwhile, the battery light on our car came on this week. And promptly after, it died a quick death. So, Jeff bought a new battery and installed it yesterday and all was fine, except the battery light came right back on and our car died in the daycare parking lot. Let me just say how sad this is since it's the car with air condition.

My wonderful friend Heather came and rescued us from the heat of the daycare parking lot. (Thank you, Heather!) We are home now, but our situation is looking a bit grim. Jeff drives our truck to the auto shop so he can pick up our jeep. This is convenient since the truck needs to be left at the auto shop (currently our home away from home). Jeff drives the jeep home and here is the saddest news of all--the air conditioning is still broken. Luckily we got lots of other things done that were not urgent. Sadly, we still don't have AC.

So, this morning we're thinking that we should probably buy another car. But will the dead car even make it to the car lot to be traded in? That remains to be seen. We drove around forever early this morning in the jeep, with Ashtyn btw, looking at cars. Obviously, I am hot and having a meltdown because Ashtyn is hot and having a meltdown. I started giving her ice to play with and that ended up being a great idea. I am ready to buy anything and trade in the dead car. We realized, however, that the key to the dead car is hanging on the keyring at our house--across town. This was almost enough to push Jeff over the edge. I was already off the edge and dangling.

So we drive all the way home. Jeff is trying to make small talk on the way home. Sometimes men are just completely silent when you want them to talk, other times they decide to talk about anything and everything when you need silence because you're feeling very unstable. Anyway, we get home, he takes the keys and the very hot jeep and goes to see the dead car. Ashtyn and I just want to sit and be quiet and not think about anything for a while. So now, I don't even know what's going to happen. I have a feeling Jeff will buy a car, which is totally fine with me at this point. I guess I'll know sooner or later. All right, I think I need to go fall onto the couch and rest while Ashtyn watches a "puppy" movie (which is her remedy for anything). I'll let you know what happens when the meltdown is over.

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