Shopping Carts and Cat Litter

Do you ever ask yourself, Why--out of all the shopping carts in the world--do I always pick the one with the broken wheel? If so, you're not alone. I ask myself this regularly. This week, in fact. It's just not that cool being the one person in Target whose shopping cart is letting everyone know where you're going. By the time I realized that the loud noise I was hearing was coming from my cart, I was halfway to the frozen foods section and not going back. What can you do?

Anyway, so Jeff and I had our friends Mick and Sheri over tonight. I just love Mick and Sheri. Really, they're great. Mick's an editor btw. Talking with other editors is just fun. You can say random things about publishing and they get it--and you can laugh about things that probably aren't funny to other people--you know what I mean. Of course, by the end of the evening, Mick's adorable little girl was telling us sweetly that our adorable little girl was playing in the cat litter. Ashtyn. Why? WHY? It was my fault (and Jeff's). We forgot to put up the baby gate and so the cat litter was accessible and a temptation. I called the doctor and poison control just to be safe and was assured that she'll be fine. So there you have it.

Oh! By the way--Jeff bought a car. I told you he would. So anyway, this morning two of the interns from our department at work came over to my house to check subtitles with me. We had breakfast together, and one of the girls, Laura, noticed that I had Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows on the table. Isn't it so nice when you meet a kindred spirit? :) Especially a Harry Potter kindred spirit! We have awesome interns in our office this year. I remember way back when, when I was an intern. Feels like forever ago. Well, it's been a crazy busy day, but a really good one. A blessed day.

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