The Sniffle Monster

This week I took Ash into daycare one morning and told her teacher "Ashtyn's got a runny nose." The teacher looked at me and shrugged. "They all do," she said and went back to whatever she was doing.


Well, now mommy's got a runny nose and it's pretty inconvenient. I'm flying to Texas tomorrow for a funeral. How unlucky that I currently sound like a frog that whispers and sniffles every other second. So not ideal. Anyway, what can you do? Not much. Take Dayquil around the clock and such. It's going to be a very emotional weekend, I can tell. Runny noses and crying are not a good combo, but I'm pretty sure that's what we'll be seeing from me come Saturday. I'm flying to Texas solo and staying with Sara while we go to the funeral. That makes everything bearable. She will take care of me. :) Sara can even do magical things like make headaches disappear. It's very cool. Poor little Ash still has a runny nose, too, but I know Jeff will take good care of her while I'm gone. I'll let you know how everything goes.

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