A Piglet Halloween

So, Ashtyn was Piglet for Halloween. Adorable. If only she was quiet and shy and reserved like the real Piglet. Alas, she's more of a Tigger personality. We had perfect weather for Halloween. Crisp, cool, mountains looked gorgeous, the leaves were falling--and so on. So we decided to go with Sara and Nemo to Gateway Church's fall festival. My friend Heather had invited us. You would think my child has never been outside before. She was running around like crazy, excited to see everything, making her parents chase her around the sea of people who were not chasing their kids. There was a little plastic pool with rubber ducks--it was meant to be a game, but Ashtyn was just splashing like it was bath-time till I dragged her, kicking and screaming, out of the room.


Obviously, we didn't get to stay for a very long time. Anyway, we headed home and took Ashtyn trick-or-treating, just for a little while, until it started to get really chilly outside. She didn't even try to say "trick or treat" (part of this was b/c she refused to take out her pacifier). She'd just hold out her bag for candy. Still, it was so fun to take her out. And she looked positively adorable. :) And it was great fun to have Sara and Nemo around to share the evening with. I love having them nearby. We had chocolate cupcakes and candy corn and other snacks and turned on Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. It was a great Halloween. Sara and I spent the last few minutes before they left talking about the book and doing a little brainstorming. I've been in the middle of reading Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins so I was feeling inspired. I hope you had a wonderful Halloween!

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