Tea and Candles

Do you ever feel like you just need to bake? Not really because you're craving something sweet or homemade (although, obviously, I relate to those feelings)--but just because of the comfort of baking? I think sometimes we just need comfort. The smell of something warm like banana bread baking in the oven, or the fragrance of an apple-pie scented candle, or the feeling of a steaming cup of tea or coffee in your hand. I've been feeling this need for comfort lately. I can tell by looking at my actions. Sometimes, toys all over the place don't bother me. But this week, I want a clean space.

I've noticed that I've been lighting candles all week. I don't normally do this. But sometimes, when I feel like things are a bit too chaotic, I start to need warm, comforting fragrances in the house. I've been listening to instrumental music all week. This is another sign to me that my spirit is just needing calm. I need the sounds of soft, soothing music. The toys have been picked up every night so I can start my days without feeling like there's a daycare center in my living room. I think it's so important to be in tune with what we're feeling and what we need. To recognize when we need to slow down or make a change that can help us emotionally.

For this week, I've needed to turn off the TV more and just have quiet in the house. I've needed more hugs from Jeff and Ashtyn. The other night, it was bedtime for Ashtyn, but I went into her room and pulled her out and just rocked her for a while. Not necessarily for her sake, but for mine. It was what I needed right then. You know, there are days where we're just a little more emotionally frail. When we need comfort. If we don't recognize our need for comfort, if we push through it again and again, eventually, we break. Something small pushes us over the edge and pulling ourselves back together is harder than it would have been if we'd been listening to our spirit all along. The word replenish comes to mind. Sometimes we need to be replenished. We need a few moments of quiet with a cup of tea. Maybe we need to go out and buy a new vanilla candle or find a new instrumental CD or just open the windows and air out the house. It's been one of those weeks for me. A "tea and candles" kind of week. What about you?

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