Father's Day Weekend

Well, we just got back from our Father's Day weekend in Vail, Colorado. Jeff had a work conference this past weekend, and Ash and I went with him. It was the first time I'd been to Vail, which seems crazy to me since we've lived in Colorado for seven years. But there are still lots of places we need to visit out here. Anyway, Vail was gorgeous and we had a nice time, but I've come to the conclusion that the word vacation simply won't have the same meaning until we have children that have passed the toddlerhood stage. Come to think of it, if a vacation is meant to be relaxing, we may be talking even past toddlerhood.

Anyway, you know that river I was saying that I needed? Well, there was this fantastic raging river right behind our hotel. So beautiful. Apparently the water's high because of the fact that we've had so much snow this year. It was so nice to spend a few days right by that river. Now we're home again and getting back into the swing of things. I took Where She Went with me. I'm just a little bit obsessed with that book. In both If I Stay and Where She Went, music is a huge theme. They're the kind of books that make you wish they came with a soundtrack. The cello is especially important in both books so I've been exploring Yo-Yo Ma. Awesome.

So, music's been on my mind. And this being Father's Day, I've had my dad on my mind, too. So I made a Father's Day mix to listen to this week. Here are a couple of songs from my list:

1. Landslide by Fleetwood Mac
2. Father and Daughter by Paul Simon
3. The House That Built Me by Miranda Lambert
4. Black River by Amos Lee
5. Remember When by Alan Jackson
6. Unglued by Tait

So, what would you add to the list? When I think of my dad, I think of so many songs that have stuck in my mind over the years. Music we listened to in the minivan while we were traveling as a family and such. Songs we heard at church services or at concerts or on TV. My dad has always liked music. In fact, and this is sort of a little known fact about him, but he can play the drums. I remember that there was this set of drums in the attic at my great-grandmother's house and my dad could play them. No doubt, he didn't realize how cool this made him to me, but it did. :) I love my dad. Well, in other news, we're nearing the 7-month mark in this pregnancy. I can't believe I've got basically 2 months before this little guy makes his appearance. He continues to be so active that I'm amazed. I remember how strange it felt, once Ashtyn was born. You get so used to those little kicks inside you that it feels kind of weird once they're gone. I know I'll miss feeling this little guy move from the inside, but I'll love holding him in my arms. There's just nothing quite like the miracle of having a baby. So cheers to all the fathers out there. I hope you had a blessed holiday.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FhNrrrCCTdA]

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