Summer Nights

Hello people! How's your summer going? Well, mine's been hot so far. Hot like in the nineties. Unfortunately, I don't have any great reads to update you on. I'm waiting on Wither from the library--which I'm so excited to read, btw! If you've got suggestions for what I should read next, please let me know! My sister Laura's in town so we've been busy having fun with her. We all went to the fireworks show in Lonetree the other night, which was super cool until they cut it short when the firework stuff caught on fire and we had to evacuate.

The other night we went to the carnival in town. I haven't been to a carnival in forever, and I absolutely love going to carnivals and eating cotton candy. So that was fun. Except that we stood terrified while Ashtyn rode a tiny ride by herself, and at the end, when Laura ran to get her, she realized that little Ashtyn had unbuckled her seatbelt and was seatbelt-less! Work continues to be very busy for me and I can hardly believe that I'll be taking maternity leave in just 7 weeks. Crazy! There's so much to do before then! Anyway, to boost my spirits, yesterday a woman at Walgreens told me that I look like I could have this baby any minute. Fabulous. Really. Just let me spiral into depression for a moment.

Okay. So, I've been meaning to tell you about some interesting things I've seen this summer. One: a man riding a stationary bike in downtown Castle Rock, CO. I was driving through and had to do a double take. Yes, that man is riding his bike and going nowhere. And he even has a dog with him! If you have a stationary bike, shouldn't you be riding it inside in the air condition, rather than dragging it out next to the street? Hmm. Two: I went to get my hair cut and the man in front of me in line is sitting down to have his hair cut, but he doesn't really have any hair. The girl chats away and buzzes off what's there, I suppose, but in the end, I'm thinking, Are you actually charging him? For cutting hair that's not there? Hmm. So what hilarious things have you seen this summer? :) All you Harry Potter fanatics out there (who are dear to my heart!), can you believe the last movie is coming out in just days? I'm so excited. I can't wait!

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