Goodbyes and Good Songs

I'm a little sad today. My mom left this morning. She's been out here with us for a few weeks, helping out while we adjust to life with two kiddos. It's been nice having her here. You know how goodbyes are. Even if they're not sad--they kind of are. And this one was for me. Actually, anytime I have to say goodbye to my family, it's hard. But part of what makes it hard is also what makes me feel lucky. I know I'm lucky to have a family that I love so much. When I think about my parents and my sisters and my husband and my extended family--I just love the feeling that we belong to each other. I think that's what family should feel like.

So, now that we're trying to find our rhythm in this new stage of life, I told Jeff that I've got to find time to write again. And when I start wanting to write, I start looking for music that inspires me. I'm kind of hooked on this song Poison and Wine at the moment so I thought I'd share it on here. :) Enjoy!

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