Christmas Cards and Such

So, the thing about this time of year is that things get so hectic, you can't keep track of what you're doing. Case in point: I really like sending out Christmas cards, and I'm a little late getting to it this year. Part of the reason is that I wanted a picture of the four of us, and we never ever seem to have any. We take lots of pictures of the kids, but we rarely get a picture of all of us--and if we do, it's rarely a very good picture. In other words, getting the kids to be still for even three seconds is a small miracle.
Anyway, we finally took a picture of the four of us that I could use for the Christmas card. Fabulous. I run to the store, make a stack absolutely as fast as I can because I have a million other things to do and Jeff has already called me once, with the kids crying in the background. So, I picked up the cards today and didn't even have time to look at them before going home because I had both children with me, and it had just started snowing, and we really needed to get home. (Of course, the minute Ashtyn was buckled in her car seat, she tells me she needs to go to the bathroom. I sang Dora the Explorer songs all the way home, trying to distract her so we could make it sans disaster.) ANYWAY, I get home, pull out the cards and take a look. Hmm. Is that . . . ? Yes. Yes it is.
Jeff had been holding Lincoln before and during the picture taking moment, and apparently Linc had drooled on Daddy's shoulder. Obviously, this is not a new occurrence, but having a drool stain in the Christmas card picture wasn't part of my plan. What can I do? There's no way I'm going to have time to make more cards. Not to mention the fact that it's the only picture of the four of us I have. So--I mailed them out anyway. :) Happy Christmas.

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