Did I Say That? Really?

Okay, so Jeff and I went out to dinner with some new friends last weekend. It was a really nice restaurant and we had a great time. Sara and Nemo watched the kiddos for us. It was the first time I'd met this couple (they were super nice), so it was kind of a get-to-know each other dinner. It was a buffet style meal, so there were moments where we were all walking around different places or seated at different times. The other husband and I were walking next to each other. It was the first time I'd ever been to this particular restaurant, and he and I were talking about it. And suddenly I said, "It's de-licious." Let me explain why this is so mortifying. Ashtyn has this cute way of saying that things are "deeee-licious." And I say it all the time too, now. Of course, you have to say it in the right sing-song voice. And yes, standing with this man that I've met for the first time, I tell him that the dinner is "deeee-licious." It happened before I could stop myself and there I am, sounding like I'm in preschool. And we're walking and there's not really an opportunity for me to explain that I didn't mean to sound like a preschooler, and that I do realize I sounded like that. So I just come across as someone who sometimes sings certain words in a very little-girl voice.
Embarrassing. Very.
I forgot about it until later and then I told Jeff, who proceeded to laugh for about five minutes because he knows exactly how I sound when I say "de-licious" to Ashtyn.
It seems like being a mommy means that sometimes you will say ridiculous things in public. Another example is that I find myself telling people, "Good job!" all the time, in the same bright, overly excited voice I use for Ashtyn a million times a day--even when I really don't need to tell whoever it is that they're doing a good job. And certainly not in a I'm-going-to-jump-up-and-down-and-do-a-dance sort of happy voice. But I do. What can I say? Having children under the age of four means singing Disney channel songs and dancing in circles and making macaroni-and-cheese on a very regular basis (like daily). And you know, having friends in that same stage of life can be really great. It's nice to talk with other parents who you can relate to. At our dinner date the other night, there was a point where the four of us were talking about Max and Ruby. Max and Ruby! (The bunnies from the Disney channel.) Hilarious! :) So I guess it's not that terrible that I accidentally sang the word delicious.


  1. So funny! I am sure that I have many of those same sayings:) If they have kids then he probably didn't even notice. I say it's just a sign you are an awesome mom!

  2. I laughed so hard at this blog!! Thank you

  3. Thanks so much for stopping by, ladies!

  4. I always say excuse US in the grocery store or wherever I am, even when I'm alone! Can you say "multiple personalities"! Creepy.
    And, my reading friend, Max and Ruby are from BOOKS by Rosemary Wells, NOT the disney channel. Take that girl to the library! ;)
    You are an awesome mom. :)

  5. Sheri, you are totally right. They are books. But Ash is obsessed with the TV series. Even now, in my head, the Max and Ruby theme song is playing! Ha! And as for the multiple personalities thing--it's because we're never alone!


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