Happy Holidays, everyone! So here's the latest in the Bruce home: Ashtyn is learning about secrets. I'm not sure where she's learning the concept from (as usual, Dora is my first guess), but it's pretty cute. The other day Jeff and I were sitting in the living room and Ashtyn climbed up on Jeff and tells him that she wants to tell him a secret. This is new, so we're both thinking it's adorable. Ashtyn puts her mouth right to Jeff's ear and whispers, "Daycare."

Daycare? That's the secret? Really?

Jeff starts laughing and whispers something back to Ashtyn and then tells her to come and tell me. He tells her what to say again and then she climbs on me and puts her mouth right to my ear and whispers, "Daycare." We kept telling her to tell us different secrets, and whispering things to her like "I love you," but the only secret she'd tell us was daycare.

So yesterday, Sara (my sister) stopped by and Ashtyn wants to tell her a secret. What do you think the secret was? You guessed it! Daycare! It's her only secret and we're not sure why, but it's pretty hilarious. :) She's extremely pleased that she can tell secrets--well, the one secret, I mean.

So, it took a while for it to feel like Christmas to me, now I feel like it's in speed mode. And here's the truth about me: I am a chronic ornament shifter. I mean, I look at my tree constantly and see places that need ornaments, or where ornaments need to be moved or something. I told Jeff the other day that we have way too many bare spots on our tree. He looked at me in disbelief and told me that he doesn't see even one bare spot. I find them daily. The very bottom of our tree is bare on purpose. Georgia (the cat) and Ashtyn can reach it too easily, so we just can't have many ornaments down there. Which is a shame because, in my opinion, you can never have too many ornaments.

Last thing, so Sara and I both are loving this Christmas song at the moment. Thought I'd share it with you. Enjoy!

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