It's a Tan Thing

You know how some people seem to just be really lucky? Like everything goes their way and works out for them and they look really cute all the time and everyone in the world likes them and wants to be their friend and they usually happen to also be really creative and smart? I know. Those people drive me nuts, too. Anyway, I'm so not one of those people. I feel lucky about some things, I guess--the important things like family and work. But when it comes to the random things in life, I can be really unlucky. Here's a great example. I don't like tanning. Really, laying down in those things makes me feel claustrophobic. I lay there consumed with thoughts about all the plastic splitting and the bulbs breaking or the whole place going up in flames while I have my headphones on or the fact that as I'm laying there, I'm probably getting skin cancer. However, I also hate always looking like I belong in Alaska (meaning: pale white). So a while back, Jeff gave me a gift card for free sessions at the tanning place nearby since I'd been complaining about blending in with the snow. That was so nice of Jeff, but when I went to the tanning place, there's not a tanning bed, it's a standup thing--if you've never experienced that, let me describe it to you: claustrophobia center. I also have a terrible fear that the timer thing isn't going to work and I'll cook in there forever before someone realizes it's not working. So I have to take my iPod in every time, and if the tanning thing hasn't cut off by the beginning of the fourth song, I click the panic button (also known as the off button). So here's the unlucky part. I've gone to about nine sessions, so I should be looking like I live at the beach, right? Wrong. Somehow, only the top half of me has gotten tan. My legs manage to remain Cullen-like. Excellent. Nine sessions, people! Ridiculous. It's just my luck, I suppose. My tanning days (or tanning-half-my-body days) are about to be over.
Update on 2012: Ashtyn is still calling me Mr. Mommy all the time. There was a whooping cough outbreak at daycare so my kids had to be quarantined at home for 5 days (lots of kid movies going on at my house during that time). Downton Abbey Season 2 starts on PBS Sunday night and I am counting down the minutes until Sara comes over and we get to watch it. I tried to be creative this week with the wall decals in Ashtyn's room and it didn't work. Jeff asked me if I meant for it to look like one big strong wind blew all the leaves from the tree into one space. Not cool.


  1. Oh goodness you are too funny! I remember thinking the same when I was having an MRI in that big gigantic tube.. sad thing is you couldn't even take an ipod in there... scary!

  2. ohh.. hope all is fine with the scare! i prayed!

  3. Nancy, the kids were totally fine! Just a long few days stuck in the house. :) Thanks for praying, sweet friend!


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