The Bad Decisions of Your Thirties

You know how when you were back in college, you'd stay up all night and function the next day? Well, some of us anyway. I hadn't stayed up past midnight probably since Ashtyn was born. At least, not intentionally. There are the "newborn" nights of being up every hour, but that's something you gotta do. Anyway, here's the deal, at our library the wait list for the first season of Game of Thrones is 131 people. (I checked the next city over and their wait list is 235.) All this to say, waiting for the library version wasn't an option.

I saw a couple of episodes on TV recently and was totally hooked and desperately needed to see the whole first season before season two starts April 1st. And to my delight (I mean detriment) the whole first season was showing on TV this past weekend. The unfortunate part of this was that it was starting at about 7 pm and ending at almost 4 am. Me being Eve and Jeff being Adam, I dragged him into this bad situation by making him watch the first few episodes with me and thereby getting him hooked. It's an addictive show! How is it I can hate Sean Bean as a bad guy sometimes and then just love him as a good guy? He's so great in this show. Anyway, back to our story. At about 2 am, Jeff told me that we're crazy and so need sleep. I agreed. We kept watching. At 3 am, I told him we are very foolish indeed and our kids will be up any moment. He agreed. We kept watching! It ended at 3:45 am. I cannot even believe I managed to stay awake that long! That's a miracle in itself. I fell asleep ten seconds after the last episode ended. And yes, I was feeding Lincoln at 5:30 am. Tragic. You would think bad decisions like staying up all night would be reserved for your twenties, but no, even in your thirties, with two children who consistently get up as early as possible, you might just stay awake watching eight straight hours of Game of Thrones. Oh well. What's life without a few bad decisions, right? ;)

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