Mexican Food and Goodbyes

So last night we had dinner at my favorite Mexican restaurant and at the same time, said goodbye to some friends of ours who are moving. I am sad just saying that! Even though I know they have to go and it's the right thing and God will direct them all the way and we'll stay friends--and all that stuff. But still! I'm sad they are leaving. And it got me thinking about all the friends we've made out here who moved away and how sad it is to say goodbye to people you care about. (Ana and Charles, Mick and Sheri, and everybody else--I miss you!) Okay, let me take a moment to avoid getting weepy.

Got it. Back to issue of saying goodbye. Saying hello always feels better. I'm thinking of Love Actually where all those people are smiling and seeing each other at the airport. Okay, now I'm thinking of Bill Nighy singing, "I feel it in my fingers, I feel it in my toes," and now I'm laughing out loud. :) (I love that movie.) Goodbye or hello, having good friends is one of those things that makes life better.

There are all levels of friends, of course. And all are nice to have. There are the kind where whenever they ask you how you’re doing, your answer is, “Fine!” Then there are the kind that get the real answer. Those are the girls you can ask whether drastically changed body parts post-birth will ever go back to normal. There are the kind of friends who when you email them that everything is terrible and your car broke down, even though they are in Kenya, within minutes they have had their husband call and offer to lend you their car. There are the kind who’ve known you since you were twelve and will forever keep all your secrets. There are the sister kind that are stuck with you till you die and gosh if you’re not glad about that. I would be lost without Sara and Laura.

We change, we have good days and bad days, we have rational moments and irrational moments--but with great friends we can share all those moments without worrying about anything. I really love that and need that.

And so, back to our original issue: Tammy and Nathaniel, I'm really going to miss you guys. Good friends like you don't come around every day.


  1. Sisters are the best :) I love you

    1. I love you more than Diet Dr. Pepper and Cadbury Eggs and cheese enchiladas. Sisters forever!


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