Spring Cleaning . . . Really?

So it was supposed to snow this morning but it didn't. It's bright and sunny. This is a good thing until I start watching Live with Kelly and she's talking about spring cleaning. Suddenly I wished it had snowed. Bright and sunny seems to mean it's time to spring clean. I figure I'll just wait a week and it will be snowing again in Colorado and I won't have to think about those two words for a while. Seriously, I just brought up winter clothes from the basement this week! It can't be time to spring clean something.

Also, how is it that while I'm watching Live with Kelly I am absolutely inspired by her toned arms and tiny waist and decide that I'm not going to eat anything for 24 hours--then I come upstairs to tell you all this, and I'm thinking that it's early enough for me to load up the kids and run to King Soop and get a glazed donut? (It's so early I don't have to worry about makeup because normal people haven't been up for hours watching Max and Ruby and Dora the Explorer like I have.) I lost all those good intentions somewhere on the stairs, I guess.

*Kid update: Ashtyn is now referring to Jeff and myself as "everyone." Her new thing is to come into the kitchen or living room or wherever we are and call out, "Hello, everyone!" Her apologies are also plural: "I'm really sorry, everyone!" She also refers to me and Sara as girls. When Sara's over and she and I are talking, Ash will run in and say, "Hi girls!" I've stopped reminding her that I'm her mother and Sara's her aunt. We just smile and say "hi" back to her. It really is adorable anyway and her sayings don't last long enough.For a while there Ash was asking us "What are we gonna do?" all the time. She'd get a scared look on her face and ask this with sort of a gasp. It was so cute. I miss it.

As for Lincoln, the little guy is doing somewhat better. He's definitely a drooler on a good day though, and now with the cold he's got a runny nose and constantly watery eyes. Jeff calls him "Moist Man." I have to say that it's pretty hilarious. Jeff carries him around the house like he's flying and says, "Moist Man to the rescue!" Linc has also rolled from his back to his stomach finally! But he's only done it about 3 times and all those times were while he was sleeping. So I'm thinking he'll start doing it while he's awake soon. We'll see.

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