It's a Tooth Thing

Announcement! At seven months old, Lincoln's first tooth just started to come through! Jeff noticed it first today. Though I'm pretty sure he's just all-around more observant than I am. I'm thinking he noticed Ashtyn's teeth first, too. We get so excited about these things, you know. Milestones for kids are so much fun.

But if we're talking teeth--let me just say that I am so praying my kids get Jeff's straight teeth. I had spacers, and then braces for forever, and surgery for TMJ where my lower jaw was broken and re-aligned and I was on an almost-all liquid diet for about 6 weeks (talk about hunger games, people! I was a very hungry girl), and I had teeth taken out, and basically all sorts of nightmarish, super painful things when it comes to my smile. I used to load up on Tylenol PM before my dad would take me to my orthodontist appointment so I'd have a good chance of falling asleep afterward and being relieved of the pain. I even had braces when Jeff and I first met (not for long, but still). :) I remember after our very first lunch date, I had to leave in a rush because we'd talked for so long that I was late to my orthodontist appointment. Isn't that so sweet? My honey fell in love with me when I had braces. Gosh, we've been together forever.

Anyway, then there's the Jeffster who never had to have anything done with his teeth. They just came out straight! Amazing to me! So, I can hope and pray that my kiddos take after their dad in the teeth area. And if not, sigh, that's what braces are for. Despite all the pain, I am SO thankful for the braces and everything else. It was worth it. Really, I am still the kind of girl who sleeps in retainers and will make an appointment with an orthodontist lickety-split if I think there's something wrong. In fact not too long ago, I was having a new retainer made and, as always, it just gave me this whole terrible feeling of deja vu. Btw--my little sister thinks it's hilarious to hear me talk with my retainers in. But I don't care! I'm dedicated. :)


  1. Ah! I want to see a picture of Little Linc!! & It IS hilarious. But I love it, and I love you!

  2. You're right! I totally needed to post a picture so I uploaded this one!


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