Jesus and Santa

So a couple of days ago I got a text from my bff, wondering if my daughter also has the habit of saying, "Mommy" approximately every twelve seconds and talking nonstop. I called her immediately to assure her that, indeed, Ashtyn has both of those habits as well. (By the way, Ash is holding Linc's bottle in the picture. No, she definitely is not still on the bottle, don't worry.)

So then I told my friend that Ashtyn's in the habit of, whenever I have to scold her or get on to her about something, telling me that I need to "be nice to her!" or "Stop being mean to me, Mommy!" This is definitely frustrating. My bff proceeds to tell me that her daughter does the same thing, but when she scolds her, her little girl says, "Mommy, Jesus and Santa are watching you!" I thought that was absolutely hilarious! Kids are brilliant. I guess when you're little, the threat of both Jesus and Santa is probably equally scary.

It's been one of those days so far, loveys. We're snowed in over here at the moment as well. Pray for me.


  1. haha how perfect is that! She's half right at least ;-) Thanks for stopping by on my SITS day!

  2. That is hilarious! Kids are so stinkin' smart! Love it

  3. Lol.. that is hilarious! I need to say that to people more often :)- I looooveee her t-shirt.. and I am not even biased!

  4. Hello! Love your blog! I just added myself to your followers for support, and I wanted to invite you to come be a part of a gorgeous necklace giveaway I’m having!

    Hope to see you there! Thanks so much!!

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by! I'll definitely head over to your blog.


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