Random Saturday List (on Sunday, but I meant to do it yesterday)

Maybe this is going to become a habit of mine--these random Saturday lists. I'm not sure. Random is just so much easier to do than planned-out. So here's a little update on life in the Bruce world.

1. So Shannon Dew of the fabulous Life After I Dew blog is doing some awesome giveaways today! Including a cool, little book I like to call Looks Like Love! You should totally get over there and check out all the cool stuff on there today! http://www.lifeafteridew.com/2012/04/april-sponsors.html

2.I had one of those work disasters this week where I'm juggling two all-encompassing kids while trying to do damage control. My typesetter is actually just awesome, btw--I think she's getting used to hearing kids yell in the background as we work together. She and I are getting great at multi-tasking and tuning out whining and yelling. Ah, yes. Life as a working mommy.

3. My sis Sara and I went to this fantastic restaurant yesterday called The Blinking Light in Highlands Ranch. It is seriously great. I highly recommend it. Also, kind of random, but a couple asked if we were twins as we were leaving. This made me happy because Sara is 3 and a half years younger than me, and tall, and light-as-a-feather, and basically gorgeous, so any time I'm connected to looking like her, it's a good time. And I could use all the help I can get since before I left the house, Jeff told me there was something in my hair. I started freaking out, thinking it was a bug--but no, he just told me it was a gray hair. Oh. That's all. Oh good. (This cannot be happening to me, people!!) Jeff's like, "Don't worry about it, Bran! It was only half-gray!" How does he not know this doesn't help me?

4. Jeff has become Tim the Tool Man this week and is doing all kinds of man-crafty stuff outside with Ashtyn's playset. He's been hammering and building and that sort of thing. When the weather turns good, he seems to thrive on projects.

5. I felt like being very motherly and parent-ish this week and helped Ash build a cool tent in her room. It collapsed on her twice, but that was okay. The blanket was easily fixed back up on the crates. She loved it and it's still up. I'm now wondering how long the tent is supposed to be a part of her room. I have a feeling trying to talk her into letting me take it down will be a small disaster.

6. Today I was in the bathroom putting on makeup and Ash was in there with me (wanting makeup, too, of course). I leaned down and told her, "You look SO beautiful!" She smiled sweetly and said to me, "You look SO beautiful too, Mommy! Look at your scraggly hair!"

7. Tonight begins the new series of Game of Thrones and I'm super excited about it. Must get the kiddos to bed at a decent time.

8. Speaking of kids and bedtimes, yesterday, Sara gave me a book that she said reminded her of me and Jeff. The title is the Berenstain Bears' Bedtime Battle. On the cover, Mama and Papa Bear look nearly comatose with exhaustion. Hmm. See below.

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