Random Saturday List

1. My Texas diet is still not going well. This makes me very sad. Where can I find some motivation?

2. I want so many things to be done now, that just can't be.

3. I finally bought a new desk! Yay! As soon as it's delivered and set up, I'll post pics. I'm wondering how to keep the cat off the new desk. (Current desk is a den of cat hair.)

4. Ashtyn has finally started paying more attention to Lincoln and he loves it. I love the way he looks at her and just giggles and lights up when she talks to him.

5. Tattered Cover will be selling Looks Like Love all summer. They got their shipment of books today. Yippee!

6. We're having company tomorrow and I need to clean my house in the worst way, and here I am, blogging to you about randomness.

7. I need to find more summer shirts that have sleeves. My arms are not my best feature. It's the truth.

8. My bathroom seems to be impossible to keep in order. Today Jeff asked me to move my purse out of his sink.

9. We were downtown today and I saw a man on the sidewalk drinking straight out of a vodka bottle. There were also some guys in MC Hammer pants. Questionable choices.

10. I'm super excited about what I'm cooking tomorrow. Check back because I'm going to share the recipe!


  1. well... if it makes you feel any better Gav and I plan on going to Zaxbys tonight to get dinner. And they serve everything with a side of extra buttery texas toast. that's got to be worse for you than what you're eating on your texas diet lol. vodka + hammer pants is a good choice if you're getting ready to break into a can't touch this routine. they sound 2 Legit 2 Quit. if only you had come by 5 minutes later!

    1. 2 Legit 2 Quit?! I am dying laughing right now, Leah! :)

  2. I can not get over the hammer pants. And I feel your pain about needing diet motivation. After having my baby 4 months ago, while my weight is back down, my body is just different. Plus I'm heading to Miami in a few weeks, so I need some serious workout/diet motivation ASAP too!

  3. Oh man, pure vodka and mc hammer pants! Sounds like there was lots to see on your outing ! That's how it is here too. Many characters come out of the woodworks!
    Cute blog :)

  4. I feel ya on the diet front. It is hard, and I feel as the weather gets warmer it brings more friend/family meals and it is hard to turn down yummy food and drink. I will get it one day. I am working on enjoying life and trying not to be too hard on myself, but I struggle everyday I have to get dressed. Oh the struggle. I wish you the best of luck! Don't give up!


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