25 Facts About Me

So Molly over at A Day in Mollywood posted a '25 random facts' blog and invited people to join in the randomness. And I love randomness, so here we go, loveys. All the things that make me . . . well, me.

1. I grew up in Texas but don't really have an accent. But if I'm there for more than a few days, I slip back into a Southern drawl.

2. I read more than anyone I know. Some of this is because I'm a book editor, most of it is because I'm obsessed with reading. It started way back when with the Babysitter's Club books.

3. I feel like no matter how much I'm in the sun, my face doesn't really tan. I just always look like I'm dying of heat stroke.

4. Watching our favorite shows together is something Jeff and I absolutely love to do. It's like a date night for us.

5. I randomly sing things instead of saying them. All. the. time. And my sis (who is visiting) said the other day, "You know that Ashtyn sings her emotions--like you do?"

6. I did not like high school.

7. My first job was making shakes at a burger joint when I was sixteen.

8. I lost a blog follower today and that made me really sad.

9. I love my husband tons and feel so thankful for him and our relationship. We've been married for 9 years.

10. My kids mean everything to me.

11. I cannot carry a tune to save my life. I'm just not a good singer. My sister Sara got all the singing talent in our family. She's amazing.

12. I wear jeans and T-shirts more than anything else.

13. I own the first four seasons of Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman. All I can say about that is: Sully.

14. My favorite food is cheese enchiladas. Just writing that makes me want some.

15. I'm not really a very outdoorsy type person. I'm just not. Having said that, I went hiking today.

16. I've had the same job for 7 and a half years and still enjoy it.

17. My favorite class in college was Adolescent Lit.

18. I love watching Sense and Sensibility, Pride and Prejudice, Emma, Wives and Daughters, Downton Abbey--basically anything BBC.

19. I have all kinds of insecurities. Some have faded as I've gotten older, some stick with me and surface at annoying times.

20. You know that line in the newest Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows movie, "It's so overt, it's covert"? I love it. I'm smiling now at the thought of it! Hilarious! Robert Downey, Jr. is awesome.

21. I love that song Somebody That I Used to Know by Gotye--but I recently saw the music video for it. Um, weird. Really weird.

22. I can always count on my sisters. And my parents. I love my family.

23. (Just FYI, it's getting harder for me to think of things to say!)

24. I have zero depth perception when it comes to parking. It's embarrassing. And the other day I had to pay for parking when I was downtown just because I can't parallel park. I had to pay for parking even though it was a weekend and there were open spaces!

25. I have a thing for birthday cake. And I remind people whenever my birthday is coming up.


  1. That is funny about the parking!!! I hate parallel parking but if there is enough room (2 spaces) I can usually do it, just takes a couple minutes :)

  2. #5, 10 & 17 :) I bust out into song all the time too...lol my husband thinks I am a nut--he just laughs. Adol lit was my favorite too. and #24...lol yeah I just side swiped the buggy holder at the market last month bc of this :\

  3. aww. I'm sorry you lost a follower. But hopefully it was a creep you didn't want looking at your blog anyway!

  4. Too cute! I sing a lot too. It's just more fun that way and I can't carry a tune either :)

  5. I saw the music video for that Gotye song before I heard it on the radio, and I think it totally ruined it for me. I just can't like it.

  6. The baby sitters. Oh goodness how I wished they were real. I still kind of do. I didn't really like high school either but I didn't know it until I went to college and then got married. Life is so much more than high school. I'll try and figure out how to follow you!

  7. i sing things too! its so much more fun!

  8. love your 25 random.. I cant sing either to save my life but I can dance :) ( atleast I think so...) I love our favorite TV show nights.. its like mini date nights.


  10. Fun list! And no worries on number 8, you lost a follower and you gained one (me!) :)

  11. My mom still has my Babysitter's Club collection at her home. I can't resist picking up one and reading it when I am there!

  12. i read the babysitter's club books! sweet valley high was another great series. sometimes, i'm tempted to read them again, even though i'm getting old!

  13. I'm so glad you did this!

    #5 - I sing things randomly too. I love musicals so I think it comes from that.

    #8 - I think I lose blog followers all the time. And don't worry it upsets me too!

    #18 - obsessed with all these movies. Downton Abbey is my FAVE!!!


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