Keeping Up

I feel like it's impossible to keep up sometimes. The moment I've taken the time to update my iPod with new music, everyone's on to new songs. Speaking of overdue things that I'm doing after everyone else, I got a new phone last week. This was an absolute must because my phone was really old and had taken to clicking random letters when I tried to text. (For example, I tried to text Sara, "Love you." It came out Looofjie, or something like that. Yeah. Me and technology is a very sad joke. I am convinced that there's something about me that makes techie things break.) I'm not really someone who cares much about the latest tech stuff actually. I'm not that great at it and I have an innate knowledge that if it's mine, it'll break soon, so I try not to fall in love with stuff like that. But I will tell you that I'm loving my new phone at the moment. (If you're wondering what kind it is, unfortunately, I can't even tell you. But it's cool. And it works. Those were my only standards.)

I think it's kind of crazy that Ashtyn & Lincoln won't even know what a world without being glued to a cell phone looks like. I remember when my parents got one of those orginal flip phones. They were huge! But really, I'm so glad we have cell phones and I'm just as glued to mine as everyone else. Well, maybe not. I'm not hooked on those games like other people (read: Jeff). But doesn't it sometimes feel like things change so fast that it's hard to keep up? Gosh, I feel that way. Not just things, but people too. Lincoln has changed so much in nine months. (I'm feeling like maybe I should have changed more in those nine months. I went swimsuit shopping with my 18-year-old sister last week. Heaven help me. What was I thinking?)

Kids seem to be constantly changing. Do we as adults? I don't know. Maybe. It feels a little more gradual though, I think. Change is good. Speaking of change, I've hit the point in the year where I start to want bangs. Trust me when I tell you that this is a cycle. I will want them, I will eventually give in and get them, I will like them for a short while, they will start to annoy me, I will want them to grow back out, and I will hate them during the grow-back-out process. I know all this, and yet, I'm feeling the urge to get them. Maybe before Texas. We'll see. I never learn when it comes to bangs.


  1. I feel like we are the same person! I am so behind at all times and what's worse is I picture doing everything in my head so when I realize that I haven't actually done the dishes or cleaned the fridge I get even more depressed. Maybe it's just me but I am waiting for some type of cloning device...

  2. Don't do it! I'm the same way with my bangs! For me, I think it happens for two reasons. One... because they look so darn cute on some other girls, and two... because I want something different. I get so bored with my hair, but I'm not sure what to do. Bangs are just an easy choice, but more often than not, I regret cutting them.

  3. Funny you mention bangs, I got them yesterday and am already on the path to growing them back out today! ha


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