Little Bits of Happiness

What makes me happy? So many things . . . dessert, good movies, good books, good food . . .  I'm pretty easy to please. But certain things make me really happy and most of those have to do with my family. My sister Laura has left the building, however, loveys. (Sadness!) But while she was here, she watched the kiddos so Jeff and I could run errands alone. It's amazing how much I enjoy running errands when it's just me and Jeff. When we're with the kids, it's like we're on fast-forward. Trying to do everything as quickly as possible. So we did some shopping, and before we went home, we decided to stop at Baskin Robbins for ice cream. We used to do this a lot when we were dating. And the funny thing was, we were in such a rush to leave the house that neither of us remembered to wear our wedding rings! As we drove out of our neighborhood, Jeff said that it felt like we were just dating since we didn't have our rings on. So we got our ice cream (mine was one scoop of pralines 'n' cream on a sugar cone) and sat outside because the weather was so nice. We were just sitting there quietly, eating ice cream and holding hands with ringless fingers, and it occurred to me how nice it is to be with someone for 13 years and still just want to sit together and hold hands.

And you know, sometimes it's just nice to have a few chaos-free moments together. We love being parents. Coming back home, we immediately run to the kids for hugs and kisses, and to us, our little darlings are the best thing about this life together we've built. But it still started with just Jeff & Brandy, and I know it's important to keep nurturing our relationship. And it's important to have chaos-free moments or I go crazy.

What's made you happy lately?

Mrs Stephanie T


  1. aww... so so sweet! I love your ringless hand holding :) Those chaos-free moments are what makes the more hectic ones manageable. Love this post!

  2. My sister and BIL visited for Memorial Day weekend. It was the best!

  3. Sounds so peaceful! Most of the time I forget my rings and my husband almost never wears his. He gained weight and uses it as an excuse- I just made him order a bigger size lol. Looks like we love ice cream too much in this house lol!

  4. Chaos free moments are hard to come by but they are fantastic!

  5. the small moments. I remember grocery shopping w/o kids I actually bought what was on the list. Or we made it up in the store. We could spend 5 minutes or an hour and it didn't matter.

    My Happiness recently was watching our son teach our daughter shapes and letters. LOVE

  6. good food! did you see that one coming?...from me.... lol---

  7. What a sweet story! I treasure every alone minute that I get with my hubby, since it's never been just the two of us. Tyler was a year and a half when we started dating. Sometimes I feel bad that he walked into an "insta-family", but I don't think either one of us would have it any other way. I completely agree that it's so important to keep nurturing you relationship. I try to explain that to my mother when we ask her to watch the kids for a night out, but she thinks it's silly for married people to go out on date nights. I guess Will Smith was right... "Parents just don't understand." lol

    1. Melissa! My hubby's loving your reference to Will Smith.

  8. Oh that is just adorable! I hope to find love the way u have one day!


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