Rainy Days and Dog Bites

Hello loveys. It's a rainy day in Colorado. It didn't start out that way. This morning Laura and I took off to spend some time in Colorado Springs and Manitou. First we took a little walk around Garden of the gods. As we're walking, there's this little old couple walking their little dog. I think it was a Maltese or Shih Tzu or something like that. They're walking right past us and Laura looks down at the dog and he runs up and bites her ankle. Hello! The dog nipped at her ankle! The little old man just pulled on the leash and was like, "Hey, hey now," to the dog. Laura started laughing as she said, "Um, that dog just bit me. Who else would this happen to?" It was kinda funny. But I mean, it was a little dog; it randomly bit Laura; and the owners weren't the least bit concerned about it.


Anyway, we went on to Manitou, which was awesome. Such a fun little town. (The pictures above and below were taken there today.) Come to think of it, I should have taken more pics. I'm actually becoming a little obsessed with Instagram. But I didn't take too many. There's this little place there called Safron (combined with Black Cat books) that had amazing dresses. So amazing. Unfortunately, so expensive. Still, cute store. Laura and I had a great time. I need to go back and take the Jeffster to the arcade. It had all kinds of vintage games.

And hey, I am so excited that I'm almost to 100 followers! So if you're reading this and not a follower, please just go ahead and FOLLOW! For the sake of my self-esteem, people! I need you! :) And as for the loveys already following, thanks so much for listening to this cycle of nothingness. You guys are the syrup on my pancakes.

Kay, gotta run. Law & Order SVU's season finale is tonight. Olivia, please don't leave the show! I miss Elliot, too, but you gotta hang on!


  1. lol..you are so funny. Im glad you guys had a good trip. As I was reading about the dog - suddenly Laura became 'Elaine' in the Seinfeld episode where the dog bites her and the owner doesn't say a word... :) Hope your week is going great!

    1. Ha! I forgot about that epidsode!

  2. I'm already following, so I can't help you get to 100, but I did grab your button! :)Love that old door in the first pic - I am so happy Instagram made its way to Droid - I'm obesssed!

  3. Congrats on almost reaching 100 - that's a big deal :)

    And the dog biting story...what the heck?! haha I can't believe the couple acted like it wasn't a big deal! Too funny!

    Happy weekend!

  4. visiting you from SWW. way to go to reach almost 100 followers. you've got another follower! i'd love for you to visit me, too. jillzy.com

    i love the picture with the tie-dye. we are huge tie-dye fans in our house. your blog is awesome!


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