Hello Loveys! Happy Wednesday. How's life? What are we all sayin' So What to this week? Well, 'so what' if . . .

  • I'm over here recovering from a killer headache (the kind that's so bad it makes you cry) last night and still don't feel so great today.
  • I keep thinking about a conversation I had yesterday in which I'm pretty sure I did not make any sense. I wish I could forget about it but it's bothering me. I hate not making sense when I'm talking to anyone other than Jeff.
  • I've been hunting for a new swimsuit for days and I've got nothing so far. Depressing.
  • My house needs a top-to-bottom cleaning within the next couple of days and there's no way of getting around that.
  • I really love blogging. And I love reading blogs. And I love comments from my readers. And I love funny stories and sarcastic writers.
  • Not only am I not feeling great today, I'm weepy because Laura's heading back to Virginia.
  • I said I wouldn't watch Hatfields & McCoys on the History Channel with Jeff and then I got drawn in and now have to know what happened. Though I think it's a bad decision on my part. I do not see how the story can end well. Someone dies every 2 minutes.
  • A flight with my two children is in the very near future. I expect my anxiety to flair up about it soon.
  • I finally reached a hundred followers! (This isn't really a 'so what'--more of a 'so fun')
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  1. I replay conversations in my head over and over again too!

  2. awww! congrats on 100 followers!
    I'm sorry you aren't feeling your best :(
    Hopefully you will get a lot of rest and feel better soon xoxox!

  3. Hope you're headache gets better soon...those are the worst!

  4. I had to re-read it 3 times before realizing you are going to FLY with your children, and weren't planning to FIGHT with them. Excuse my tired eyes...although, planning to fight with them would give me anxiety too, mostly because I know mine would win.

  5. I hope your head is feeling better. I am with you on cleaning. I scrubbed the kitchen this past week. That counts right. Who is remembering the bathrooms and such anyways.... UGH!!

  6. Hatfields & McCoys??? I have never heard of it, but I am intrigued!

    And for your trip with the little ones, go visit for traveling tips! (She just traveled cross country!) Hope this helps!

  7. I'm so looking forward to the hatfields and mccoys. It is waiting for me on my dvr. I love funny and sarcastic blogs too. I was voted most sarcastic in high school. I took it as a compliment. Hope your head is better!

  8. Glad I stopped by your blog, I think I am going to have to add you to my reads. I guess I will have to check out the Hatfields & McCoys, it is all I have seen on my twitter and facebook feeds.


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