On Losing It

Loveys, yesterday was one of those days. The kind where you cry. You know, like on the movie Julie and Julia where Julie cries like a small child on the kitchen floor, only able to shake her leg in response when her husband talks to her. I think it was a result of being sick all weekend and still feeling weak and nauseous. It's one of those days where you look around your house and wonder why you can never stay on top of things. It's one of those days where the sound of the baby crying grates on your nerves. And one more "Why?" makes you start to see double.

Just the fact that it was Monday meant that the week had started and there were a million things to do.

But I couldn't do them.

It was a fragile sort of day. The problem is that moms can't often be fragile because we're taking care of people depending on us. And that doesn't stop. (It does sort of make you want to check out the rates for nannies these days though.) My sister called with a friendly, "Hey how's it goin?" And that was enough to make me cry and say that I was having a bad day. Sara was like, "Okay, I'm coming over. I'll bring soup." And gosh, that helped me survive the day. The truth is that I love being a mother. I really love it and it's the absolute best part of my life. But I'm thinking that every now and then, even moms need a day off from mommyhood.

I'm not positive when I'm going to be able to work that day in, to be honest. But I hope it's sometime in the near future.

On a positive note, as a result of my tragic illness and not being able to eat, I was able to wear my skinny pants today. Jeff was like, "I like those pants! You don't wear them very often." That's right, bud. I told him I was only wearing them today because I'd been starving for two days.


  1. Oh yes! I have those days too :) I think it's kinda our right haha. I've said the same thing, I need a night off from motherhood every now and then. Actually last night I left the house for 2.5 hours and laugh bc when I came home my husband said "wow, I know you do this everyday so you understand, but I'm exhausted". Yes sir it is, but it's also the best job ever! :)
    Hope your week is getting better!!

  2. Aw girl, days like that suck :( Your sister is awesome! Yay for some soup. And yay for the skinny pants. Not the best circumstances, but whatever you were in them!

    I hope today's better for you and blogging's the best free therapy there is. We've ALL had days like yesterday. It's okay. This too shall pass :)

  3. Yay for sisters! Sorry you had a bad day! I hope you are doing and feeling better today!

  4. Sorry you had a bad day...we have all been there, and we'll all be there again. I was away for a few days with Tommy "on vacation" with my mom and niece last week, and on Sunday night when it was time to put Tommy to bed, I was furious my husband was trying to get me to do the bedtime ritual that night. I don't care that it was Father's Day - he had 4 nights of no responsibilities, never mind I have been doing 6 out of 7 bedtimes most weeks recently. So I told him that he can take Tommy on vacation by himself soon for a few days if he thinks I got much relaxation time in - he'll find out that taking a toddler on vacation without the other parent is no vacation pretty quickly! I stood my ground and got some me time though...and yes, you do need to take a day off here and there, even if it means paying a sitter for a few hours so you can walk aimlessly around the mall. You deserve it!


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