The Recovery Time Post-Vacay

We're back from the land of delicious food and humidity. Sigh. While I'm a little sad this morning that the vacay is over, I know I've got a lot to do. There's luggage everywhere to unpack, bottles to wash, an immediate plan needed on how to watch the Game of Thrones season finale since it's not supposed to air again until like mid-July, stuff to pick up at the library, our pantry and fridge are empty, and--oh yeah, I'm really tired. Here's a visual of the luggage situation as we were waiting at the car rental place yesterday:

Crazy, I know. Traveling with kids is not for the faint of heart. The flight to Texas wasn't so bad. Linc slept some of the time. The flight back to Colorado was terrible, horrible, awful um, well, a tad rough. Linc slept like the last ten minutes, and Ash was squirmy, tired, irritable, bored, and restless the whole time. I know we were the loudest row on the flight. It's not so bad for me and Jeff (we have learned to tune out the madness), I do feel for the other folks though. I just try not to make eye contact. Ash screamed bloody-murder on the first flight for the last few minutes during landing because her ears were popping so bad. So Jeff bought her these ear plug things right before the flight home. (I want to state for the record that I told him to just buy a sucker so she would be swallowing and happy that she was eating candy). Of course, right before we descended Ash pulled one out and dropped it on the floor and it rolled to that place on airplanes that lost things go, never to be seen of again.

Anyway, the thing about kids is that they are so unpredictable. There are moments when both of my kids were little angels on the trip. Then there were other times (usually times when I really wanted them to be angels) that they were fussy and not cooperative. Those are the times when I start to feel like the crazy is welling up inside of me.

(I felt that way this morning, by the way. But it's nap time so my blood pressure seems to be going down.) 

Anyway, I've missed all of you. I need to hop over to all my fave blogs to catch up on everyone else's lives at the moment.

And hey! I'm a guest over at Pink, Pearls, and Polkadots today. Come over and say hi!

I'm thinking I'll jump back on later and do a Menu Monday post. Now that I'm back from Texas, the diet situation is more dire than ever. Oh, and if you're wondering, I feel like I'm more pale now than I was before. That can't be possible. (Except for the many red mosquito bites that I've been scratching nonstop, of course. I started dotting baby Orajel on my bites on the flight in the hopes that it would numb the itch. I just ended up feeling sticky and smelling like baby Orajel. I think Jeff pretended not to notice.) So more on the trip later, loveys. But let me just say that we stayed at my aunt and uncle's house while we were in Texas. My aunt is a fabulous hostess. It was great. Here's a little glimpse of their backyard where we spent time in the pool. Ash was a little fish, by the way. She loved the water.

We stayed with my sweet mother-in-law while we were in Lousisiana. She makes the best lemon bars in the world. She always cooks Jeff's favorite foods when we're in town and so we get a lot of great food whenever we're there. She also owns this super-cute ice cream shop so we went to the shop for ice cream a few times. (All of this contributes to my diet situation.)


  1. wow what a fun/dramatic trip for sure!
    And yes the diet situation is on 110% over here too!

  2. My husband took pictures of me on my iPhone while I was at the pool with Tommy yesterday, and I could not delete them fast enough. I need to get on the diet train as well, or find a bathing suit that does something for me! As for feeling bad traveling with kids - I have been on flights where it's not the kids who are loud but the adults - like a group of people heading off to vacation and they started the party at the bar in the airport and continue it on the plane. We have been lucky on most of our flights with Tommy, thank goodness, but there is one that sticks out to me as a "rough" one, so I can totally relate to feeling bad for the folks around you. Most people will never say anything to you, but they will think whatever it is that you think that they are thinking! Welcome home and good luck decompressing, unpacking, and getting back on schedule!

  3. Thanks, Brandy I so much enjoyed your visit. The kids are wonderful and so cute. I love them so... I miss you'all. Jeff is such a good son to me. Hope I see you'all again before nx summer. Love Mamaw


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