So What Wednesday

I know all my loveys are probably worried about my mental state at the moment. Never fear, we're doing better over here. Linc's still fine. No more spots. The meds are working. We're in Louisiana at the moment. Land of alligators and crawfish. Today I'm saying "so what" if . . .

1. I forgot to tell you, the day before we left, I was doing a million things like packing, and Jeff asked me to come outside and see the fact that he'd picked up the stack of sticks I wanted him to dispose of. So I run out there and our neighbor is outside so of course I say hello and chat. When I go back inside, I realize that I'd forgotten I was wearing facial cleanser on my face. Really. And Jeff didn't say anything!!! He just let me stand there and talk with white cleanser on my face!! Mortified.

2. Moving on. My son got chickenpox on our vacation.

3. I've eaten about a million lemon bars in the past two days. And I've got one hiding in the refrigerator for later.

4. Linc hasn't seemed to be itching at all. Me, on the other hand, I've been scratching my mosquito bites like crazy. No one else will get bit--but if there's a mosquito around, I will undoubtedly be bitten. There's just something about my blood. Sara says it's our mixed-blood status that draws them to us. Hmm. (If you're wondering, I'm half hispanic.)

5. I'm dying to see the Game of Thrones finale. I've gotta wait till we get home. Then I can get caught up on GOT and Drop Dead Diva.

6. There's something about ostrich boots and Texas.

7. We had so much luggage at the airport that we had to rent one of those carts. Even though we were about twenty feet from the exit and could see the glass doors.

8. My mother in law, Gloria, was teasing and saying something cute about her heart being broken and then Ash told her it needed to be fixed.

9. Butter Crunch BlueBell ice cream is fab.u.lous.

10. I love Texas. Don't mess with it, ya'll.

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