Wait . . . you don't have . . .

Loveys! How are you guys? So this is a picture of the resort we stayed at in Keystone. I know what you're thinking! Beautiful, right? Here's how this thing went down. We drive to Keystone. We get to the resort and I'm thinking this is great. We find our room and walk in and I am so excited. It's this huge condo with big windows. But it's a tad warm so I immediately go over to the temp thing to turn the AC on. Um, wait, why is there no way to turn the AC down? Within one minute, my smile has vanished and I am feeling panicky. I make Jeff call the front desk. His answer is this: None of the rooms at this resort have air conditioning. My excitement is now nonexistent. So we're spending days in a hot condo with two small children? They tell us that there's a box fan in the closet. Jeff finds it. Um, it's like a 12x12 tiny fan.

Oh dear.

I realize that being hot and having a bad attitude are a recipe for world war three, so I shake it off. Jeff requests that they send up another box fan (and that one was normal sized). I open every window and get the kids settled. The bed in our room is a double bed. That's going to be cozy, I'm thinking (not in a good way). So we go to dinner at the conference center. It's the kind of thing where you bring your kids. We're sitting at a table with a really nice Russian family (all these people are Jeff's work people) and then the regional leader and his wife join us too. Despite the fact that they have chicken nuggets for the kids, Ash is in a non-cooperative mood. The best kind, you know. Linc is in a drummer mood. The kind where all he does is hit the table as hard as he can over and over while people are trying to talk and eat. The mom next to me is so nice and gives Linc one of her son's little plastic toys. Her son is annoyed and the mom and dad both start speaking to him in Russian. Even I was a little nervous. I don't know what she said, but he stopped being annoyed quick. We go back to our room.

Ash is in the habit of climbing in our bed in the middle of the night. This is not unusual. But we're not usually in a double bed in a condo with no AC. Yet here she came. Our little bullet of heat.

So the next day I went to the spouses meeting and talked with all the other wives. Everyone was super nice, but some of them were not bothered by the lack of AC (some totally were). They were saying how you just don't really need it up where we were because it's not that hot. Really? All I could do was remind them that it was about 97 degrees outside and, to me, that's hot in any language. During the afternoons, we were too hot to do much so we ended up driving into Silverthorne and going to Dairy Queen every day. You heard me. Here's what happened the last time. Jeff and I are sort of in a bad mood from the incessant whining and crying that's been going on. He leaves me and the kids in the car while he goes in to get us ice cream. About two seconds after he's gone, Ash tells me she has to go to the bathroom. Okay. I unbuckle everyone and load us all up and go inside, running into Jeff at that moment who is walking out. He takes Linc and goes back to the car while I wait forever for the bathroom to be available for Ash. Then I realize I'm holding the keys to the car. I grab Ash (she didn't get to go to the bathroom) and run back to the car, where Jeff is standing, holding three melted ice creams that are dripping down his arms. He's not smiling.

We go back to the condo.

The last night there's a special awards dinner (that's four hours long) so there's childcare. Just as it's starting, I start hearing a high-pitch scream. There's only one baby I know who can hit that high note. Yep. It's Lincoln. One of the babysitters takes him outside since we can hear him all through the conference center, and he calmed down and was fine after that. All I could do was nod when the guy came over to fill glasses of wine. Yes please.

That's our trip, loveys. A lot of heat. But no chickenpox, so that's something. We really did make the best of it and it was nice to have a change of scenery. But it was also nice to walk into our air-conditioned home yesterday. This Texas girl believes in AC.

Anyway, I was so hooked on watching the marathon of Sister Wives last night. I think we'll talk about that next time. :) So how are things going for you?


  1. VERY funny to read about, but I don't think I could ever live without AC. I would much rather be cold than hot- ewww it's too hard to sleep or do anything else in heat. Your postive attitude is something I need- send some this way. The view was perfect!

  2. Brandy, I could keep the kids next summer and you and Jeff could go somewhere and have a vacation for just you and he. Sounds like you have had a rough summer. Sorry. Love Gloria.

  3. Oh dear! Glad you survived. I don't think I would have without AC.

  4. OMG...what a rough trip! I'm a Jersey girl and I need the A/C! When it's hot, it's hot! You did have me laughing...especially about the melted ice cream!

  5. First time reader from Jenna's blog....

    hilarious post! Can totally relate to a few things. My oldest is often in the drummer mood at restaurants, SUCH an endearing quality :-)

    Love your description "our little bullet of heat" When Benjamin comes in our bed he is a bullet of heat, with kicking torpedo legs. Sooo much fun.

    The letters A/C totally belong together AND in every resort room.

  6. Yikes, this maked me crenge just reading it. So much stress and heat :( glad it all worked out and there was no sickness.

  7. There is no way I'd survive without air conditioning!!

  8. You poor thing. I thought stuff like that only happened to me. That is so my luck. I am glad you are back in the AC :)


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