A Spot of Friendship

So, as I told you, the BFF and I went to tea today at Glen Eyrie Castle. So fun. It was the end of our day in Manitou Springs, where we (with the husbands) took the kids to an arcade. It was really fun, but SO hot. Is this Colorado, people? I could've sworn we were in Texas at the moment! Not to mention we've had more mosquitoes than usual this summer, which is tragic if you're like me--a magnet for those things. Anyway, getting the kids all in one vehicle was a small miracle (three carseats in a tiny backseat). And then Michelle and I getting to take off on our own was fabulous. It's amazing how having time alone is such a luxury. I'm pretty sure it never crossed our minds (back when we were spending days shopping for jeans at Express and having lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe in Houston or watching Days of our Lives or the Real World) that just going out for drinks and appetizers on our own would be something that we'd rarely get to do. I love that we had those days together. And I love that we have these days together, where we talk about mommyhood and marriage. :) Friendship is such a blessing.


  1. Friendship is such a blessing. Good to know you got a good lady by your side.

  2. It looks like fun and much needed bff time together... I have to go call up my bestie now, I've been inspired =)


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