A few letters . . .

Dear Jeff,
You may have noticed that we have several doorknobs that stick. (Since this has been going on for months, I assume you've noticed. And since this is not the first time I've mentioned it.) It seems like changing doorknobs is a very husband-ish thing to do, wouldn't you say?

Dear Lincoln,
I want to be thrilled you're crawling, but I miss you being still. Could you try being still for old time's sake?

Dear Georgia,
Please stop shedding on my desk. You're doing it at this very moment. Have you started shedding more recently? I feel a little overwhelmed by cat hair. Overwhelmed and annoyed.

Dear Intern,
I had so much fun on our lunch date! I'm going to be sad when the cube next door is empty.

Dear Michelle,
So excited that by next Friday, I'll be seeing you!

Dear Self,
It's 1:32 and you just yawned. Go take a nap. You have about five minutes before both kids are up again.


  1. Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog! I like your letters too! Hope your cat stops shedding soon. :P

  2. Totally feel you about the babes not being still anymore...my youngest is literally running away from me 24/7...so what, if I occasionally lock him up in his high chair just to relive those "STILL" moments...

    Following back!!!

    Be Blessed <3

  3. Hey Brandy! You have a new follower in me! Thanks for stopping over & leaving a comment on my letters. Oh, Kohls. :( Love your letter to the hubs. I have a similar letter I could write to my husband. :) Have a great weekend!


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