Letters and Pictures

Dear Kristen Stewart,
Have you lost your mind?

Dear Robert Pattinson,
There are more fish in the sea, lovey. Don't fret.

Dear Self,
It's Friday. Order pizza and make chocolate chip cookies. You've been living on milk and sugary whole grain cereal.

Dear Brienne from Feast for Crows,
Sansa's with sneaky Petyr in the Vale! Come on. I think you're going in the wrong direction and I don't want to have to go with you for another two hundred pages!

Dear Drop Dead Diva writers,
If something doesn't happen soon with Grayson and Jane, I think people (um, me) are going to be annoyed.

Dear Jeff,
Just a head's up that I'm going to have to work a lot this weekend. It's project time, honey. On the bright side, we get to see The Dark Knight Rises tomorrow afternoon!

Dear Lincoln,
I know that running into Mama with your new walker is a fun game, but Mama is now getting bruises. We must learn the difference between crying out in pain and giggling uncontrollably.

Dear Ashtyn,
Prepare to have a stricter bedtime. It's coming.  

* * *

Alright, loveys. I was also thinking I'd join up with Kelly in posting pics of how we display pictures in our homes. It was after I made this decision that I saw other people's pictures and realized my way is not as cool. The deal is that I love pictures so much, but I just don't have tons of room to display personal photos. I want to use my wall space for decorative stuff. Also, I'm wondering how you keep up with hanging lots of family pics. My kids are under the age of 4. We've got a lot of years to go. I do think, over time, I want to choose at least one wall in my home that becomes the place where we display family pictures. I know there are lots of ways to make even family pictures a great way to decorate. So that will be in the future for us. For now . . .

When I saw the bookshelves in our office, I thought, Voila! The perfect place to put up some family pics.


  1. As I mentioned earlier this week...I've only watched the first 3 seasons (on Netflix), but def agree that there needs to be more Jane/Grayson action.

    I love the name Grayson, but would feel weird naming my son after a TV character. ;)

  2. Totally agree on the Kristen and Rob drama. She is silly and he can do better :) Can't wait to read more :)


  3. Seriously Kristen Stewart! WTF was she thinking?

  4. Oh, Kristen. Silly little girl.

  5. Ugh Kristen Stewart. Such a silly, silly girl.

    I love what you did with the family photos on the bookshelves!

  6. I love this post so much. I could have written some of it and I love the style that you wrote it. Love looking at how people display their pictures too.


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