So What Wednesday!

Hi friends! Here's what I'm saying "So What" to at the moment. SO WHAT if . . .

It's been a rough few days emotionally. And on top of that, I haven't felt well for a few days. Next week will be better.

Lincoln has been extra fussy lately. I don't think he's feeling all that great after getting vaccines this week. I just want my little guy to feel better.

Ash is starting to fight bedtime. Jeff and I are taking turns having patience during this situation.

My workload has suddenly hit overdrive. I think I'll be slammed till September.

I think I've had writer's block for a couple of weeks. Inspiration, please find me.

I just killed an ant on my desk! Really, where did he come from? I hope he doesn't have a family nearby.

I still need to scrapbook Ash's Easter pages. That needs to move up on my priority list now that I've got 4th of July pages to do too. (I only do holiday pages if you're wondering.)

Jeff and I need a date night so bad. I'm thinking I'll plan something after Dark Knight Rises comes out.

I have a feeling that I am just not going to get a tan this summer. :( Sadness.


  1. If it makes you feel any better I need to scrapbook like the past 2 years!! Yikes!!

  2. Add me into the scrapbooking to-do list :( I'm wanting to take my Hubs out to see The Dark Night and that new movie Lawless.

  3. Ha! I just killed a cricket that climbed up the wall behind me as I was watching tv. Scared me to pieces! I didn't know what it was at first?!

  4. We want to see "The Dark Night" too. I am so behind of my scrapbooking,also.


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