With a Cherry on Top

Happy day after 4th of July! How was your holiday, loveys? Good? Mine was good, sans fireworks. They were majorly forbidden in our town since we're still fighting fires and it's pretty dry over here. But we had a good 4th regardless. Sara and Nemo came over and we grilled hot dogs and chicken and had yummy desserts like this one:

Trifle cakes are just so perfect for celebrating Independence Day. We watched Captain America, which seemed like a good "We Love America!" type movie. Ash had fun in her little pool:

Linc was adorable in his All-American outfit. I can't believe we just celebrated his first 4th of July! I remember celebrating Ashtyn's like it was yesterday. He'll be turning one before we know it. He's crawling like crazy and already pulling himself up to the sofa and coffee table. I know he'll be walking soon.
I just love days like this one with my family. And it reminds me of how blessed I am to have Jeff and my kids. Truly, I feel blessed every day. Some moments more than others, of course. But life with Jeff and our little darlings is such a beautiful thing and it's what makes me happiest. Having Sara and Nemo close by is icing on the cake! I love that we get to spend holidays with them. For the majority of our years out here in Colorado, we haven't had any family nearby. And that's just not easy for me. So having Sara and Nemo here is another blessing.

Last night, after such a great holiday, Jeff got this automated call after midnight from the police, telling us that there was a shooter in our area and to stay indoors. Jeff woke me up and we were both pretty freaked out. (I think he was more than me, in about five minutes I was back to being comatose. But for those five minutes, I was seriously freaked out.) Jeff said they finally caught the shooter early in the morning. Creepy! Anyway, we had a great play date today with some new friends. Before they arrived (and during their time here) I had several "reminder" talks with Ash about how IMPORTANT it was for her to share while we had friends over. (You know, some of those talks are the kind where you're whispering furiously through clenched teeth, "You better share or else!") Right. Anyway, she did really well. At one point I'd run upstairs to help her in the bathroom and as we walked back down the stairs, Ash says, "Mom, am I doing great sharing with my tiny friends?" Her tiny friends? I about died laughing. So cute. I assured her she was and I was very proud of her.

How was your holiday? Did you grill? Did you make a special dessert? If you have any 4th of July traditions, share them please! I'm always interested in starting new, fun traditions for our little family.


  1. Your kids are beautiful. :) Every year when I read posts about the 4th of July, I wish I could live in the States for one day! I suppose we have St Patrick's day though, but your celebrations just look amazing. :)

  2. glad you had a great fourth. ours was pretty uneventful but it was great with a parade, cookout and fireworks. i even snuck in a nap!

    1. A nap sounds wonderful. Maybe next year. :)

  3. Thanks for stopping by, Brandy!
    My Dell is dying a slow death, so I will def have to look into Shutterfly for online storage. I'd hate to lose all of my photography!!

    I can't wait to read more of your blog! :)

  4. Love your photos! Are you on IG? Whats ur username?


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