Off-Centered Top Knot

Hi Loveys. OK, so I've been scrolling through some blogs I love to read this morning--lots of them are the kind where super-cute ladies post pics of their fashion brilliance. And lots of them are moms. Is this possible? I'm confused.

I can no longer wear jewelry. At least not around my kids (who I'm around all the time), unless I want to be choked by Linc or have him yank earrings from my ears (while Ashtyn reminds me that all my jewelry will be hers someday--something I told her once and she's never forgotten). When I'm at home, my hair is almost always in an off-centered top knot on top of my head. If it's down, Linc pulls on it and tries to eat it. The right top of my shirtsleeve almost always has something gross unpleasant on it because Linc will bury his face in my shoulder if I'm holding him and feeding him and he's not having it. So I can only wear shirts that I don't care about ruining the top right shirtsleeve of. (This is a very limited number so you'll find me wearing the same thing often.)

On the days I'm home all day with the kids, changing from pajama pants to regular shorts is an accomplishment. On the days I'm in the office, I can actually be dressed up, but when I get home, I have to change back lickety-split because the kids are usually having snack when I arrive (look above for said issue with shirtsleeves). Sometimes I take off my earrings before I even enter the house to avoid the pain of forgetting and having Linc's deathgrip grab them and yank (all while smiling that adorably wicked, you-know-you-love-me grin).

How do these mamas do it? And who takes all these super-cute pics of them in their super-cute outfits for them to post? If I ask Jeff to take a picture of me in my work outfit, there is only confusion. If I asked him to do it on the daily, there'd be more confusion and I'd probably end up feeling silly.

But I'm glad those girls have someone to take their personal photo shoots on the regular because I'm hooked on seeing what everyone's wearing! And it does inspire me to take a little more time with what I'm wearing (only on days when I'm out with people taller than Ash).

So here's my lovely self-portrait of the top knot, ladies. Maybe not inspirational, but probably relatable. :)


  1. Yep I'm the SAME EXACT WAY! I change my clothes and take off my jewelry as soon as I get home for the same reasons. I try to look cute when I go to work at least.

  2. Haha I love this! I'm not a mom but I know what you mean - the second I am around my niece or nephew the first thing I do is take off ALL my jewelry - especially the dangley earrings!!

  3. agree!
    yeah... what is jewelry? I think I took it all off and haven't put it back on in the past 6 yrs.

    I heard from an inside source (one of the cute put together mamas out there w/ her fashionista blog) that she uses the timer on her phone. she will take it outside, inside, whatever.

    I can just imagine myself running in circles trying to get a semi-decent shot and the camera falling over and cracking and me crying and getting mascara on my outfit I was so proud of.

  4. I love the little jewlery comment Ashtyn makes! Too precious! And personally, I think you're ROCKING that top knot! You go, momma! :-)

    I'm a new follower here... Can't wait to follow along with ya!


  5. I am stubborn.. my cute dresses and earring are still on 5 years of parenting and pulling and tagging but I shall not give up., I dream that the 3 kids will one day give up pulling. I think its different for moms who go to work and stay at home. When you go to work you are probably craving yoga pants and tired or heels but for me as a SAHM I rock wedges to walmart on some days and the picture and photo taking part of it mmmm... NOT! but that is a great idea though

  6. Yoga pants are this mommies best friend. Just sayin!


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