And the Winner Is . . . (Oh and letters, too!)

And the winner to the "Surprise Fall Package" giveaway is . . . Toia!
Honestly, I had so much fun putting together this package that I will definitely be doing a "Surprise Winter Package" closer to Christmastime (most likely in early November)! So stay tuned because you're going to have another chance to win a surprise package, loveys.
Alright, on to some letters.
Dear Toia,
Congrats on winning the drawing! Please email me your mailing address at as soon as possible!
Dear Director at Work,
Again, thank you for bringing Cinnamon Crunch bagels to staff meeting this morning. It may affect my concentration, but it makes up for that by increasing love for my job.
Dear Kids Who Are Being Put to Bed Uncharacteristically Early,
Trust me, whining and fussiness mean you're tired. And Mom and Dad are tired. Let's get some rest and have a fun family day tomorrow! (P.S. That's not a request.)
Dear Sara,
Praying you feel better, dearest. Let me know if I can bring you dinner or anything.
Dear Mom,
I wish you were making enchiladas in Colorado instead of Virginia.
Dear New Jeans I Bought Today,
Promise me you will still fit after Christmas. 



  1. There is nothing like a Mums cooking to make you feel at home! I hope you have a great family day tomorrow too.
    Thanks for visiting me! It is great reading everyones letters and a lovely way to round off the week.
    Oh, we are going to raise pigs, goats and chickens on our smallholding... one day! xx

  2. Thanks for dropping in to my blog! Yours is so cute love it! Great letters! Newest follower!

  3. hi there! newest follower to your awesome blog! you are too funny haha! great letters :) cannot wait to read more from ya and would love if you followed back!


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