Driving While Dangling

I'm pretty sure I've mentioned to you guys about the fact that my jeep is sans air conditioning. Which, to me, is a tragedy. We've known for a while that we'll have to invest in a newer car soon (as my jeep continues to rattle and make scary noises), but we've been holding off. For one thing, it's paid off, which is nice of course. Anyway, we've been planning to get something else by the end of the year. That's still the plan. But this week while driving to work, as the visor over the driver side broke off and began dangling in front of me as I was driving, I began to wonder how much longer we can wait. Seriously, I tried to push it back up, no luck. It just dangled. All I could do was hold it up as I drove. I called Jeff and he asked me how I was doing. My answer: "Um, I'm ghetto, Jeff. I'm driving and holding up my visor. Ghetto is the only way to describe me."

He was not able to keep from laughing despite the fact that it was not that funny.

Lucky for me, he was able to fix it when I got home so I only had to drive holding it up for half the drive to work and the entire drive home (when my arm got tired, the visor just had to dangle). Anyway, I'll keep rattling and rolling for another couple of months. At least the visor's not dangling.

So how's your week been, loveys? I'm so glad the weekend is just about here. Jeff bought candy corn this week. And since I usually save treats for the weekend (only for me and Jeff. The kids are allowed treats of course), he had to hide the candy corn where I couldn't find it. Tomorrow, I can finally have access and let me assure you, the bag will be empty by the time Sunday night rolls around. Can.Not.Wait.

Lately we've been obsessed with this show on the Food Network called Restaurant Impossible. Have you seen it? I'm so hooked on it! But does anyone know when Sister Wives starts back up? I watched that new show Revolution and it was pretty good. I'm going to have to get used to Bella Swan's not-so-active dad suddenly being basically a samurai. And I think I'm going to have to watch The Voice again. And The Good Wife starts back up next week, which is so exciting. Yay for fall shows!


  1. Ok so the car thing...is FUNNY.
    If you guys are going to buy "new to you", I recommend Carmax. I would imagine you have them out there. It's like a used car superstore. They usually give a better price on trade in and their selection is good because they are nation wide.
    They're great.

    1. Thx for the advice, Chad! We'll check out carmax!

  2. I love restaurant impossible! Great show and I wanted to check out revolution. I already forgot about it haha I will have to put it on my list.

  3. My man came home with two big bags of candy corn and the wee pumpkins and I cannot keep my hands out of them even though they're supposed to be potty treats!

  4. Lol...Very funny, yes, definitely on your way to ghetto! As far as Revolution, I thought that was a good show. But I am ready for Season 2 of Once Upon A Time... have you seen that one?


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