Oh, There You Are, Snow!

It's happened! The first snowfall of the season!
Wonderful! Well, the kids and I are warm and cozy inside while it's cold and blustery outside. I love these days. Snow is extra wonderful when you don't have to be anywhere and can just stay home and enjoy it. I stocked up on kids' DVDs from the library for today and Ash is currently playing with her playdough while Linc takes a nap. I was up early enough to make breakfast for all of us while Jeff was home this morning, so it's been a really nice day so far. All I have to do is convince myself to do laundry...

I was wondering if you guys have any ideas on fall/Halloween crafts that are easy and not too messy? Obviously, I am not the queen of arts and crafts, but I want to do something fun with Ashtyn. I've been trying to glean ideas from all the art on the walls at daycare. But some of that stuff looks like it requires too much glue. Anyway, any and all ideas are welcome!

I do know that I for sure want to make a gingerbread house with Ashtyn come December. I'll probably just buy one of those kits from the store. It seems to me like doing those kinds of things together creates fun memories and traditions and I'm all about both. Jeff and I are planning to carve a pumpkin with her closer to Halloween. We always buy pumpkins, but we don't normally actually carve them. Still, I think it will be really fun. Back when Jeff and I were dating, some friends of ours hosted a "pumpkin carving party." This was Texas so we could all do the carving outside and wear T-shirts and shorts in late October without a hitch. We brought our own pumpkin and it was a great party. Ah, those days.

Now I'm feeling nostalgic.

So, autumn/Halloween arts and crafts! What do you recommend?

How are my loveys doing?


  1. So glad we don't have any snow where I live yet. Ugh! Check pinterest for craft ideas. You can find lots of things to do!

  2. This might sound silly but look on Pinterest for easy activities for kids. My niece hates glue (I don't know.. she just does) and my brother was able to find some on Pinterest that required no glue.

  3. I am not crafty either... not very much... and everything I can think of is food related! I now live in Texas, but used to live in Wisconsin... ah! I miss snow soooo much! I guess we'll never be entirely satisfied! LOL! ... anyway... I thought I'd share with you a food-related Fall (perfect for Thanksgiving) craft... Maybe you'll like it too! http://www.ourbestbites.com/2010/11/oreo-turkeys-and-cookie-pilgrim-hats/

  4. Snow!!! Noooooo, well I don't want any just yet... keep it,okay? ;)

    I'm not very crafty either, though I would like to think I have potential, but I was going to suggest Pinteres as well, looks like these ladies beat me to it ;)

    Make sure you share your project with us!

  5. No, snow!! lol!

    Handprint & footprint crafts are always lots of fun! And of course there's always Pinterest!

    Have a great day!


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