The Runny-Nose Reindeer (...and the Giveaway Update)

The Christmas Surprise Giveaway! My lucky winner is Krisha! Yay! I also decided to do a runner-up, so I'll email that person as well. Thank you to everyone who entered! I love doing giveaways! I'll most likely be doing another one in February for Valentine's Day.

OK, back to the runny-nose reindeer. That's how I'm referring to Linc these days. Linc, the runny-nose reindeer. What is it about winter that means runny (and red) noses all around? We've finally got Ashtyn feeling better, and Linc gets the sniffles. I'm fighting them off too. Well, it's that time of year I suppose. Here's some good news! Our car has arrived from Virginia. Since my jeep died again last week, the timing couldn't be better for our new Christmas car to arrive. I'm calling it the Christmas car since Jeff keeps reminding me that it's my Christmas present. Hmm. (Jeff, if you're reading this, there better be another little gift under the tree with my name on it. Just FYI. Love you!)

Loveys, I'm feeling a little snowballed at the moment. Do you ever get that way during the holidays? Like your list is neverending? And you're not doing well keeping up with everything? I feel that way. This is my favorite time of year and it flies by so fast. I always want to enjoy every moment, and I always feel overwhelmed by the busyness of the season. There's so much I want to do, and so little time and energy to do those things. This weekend I had bought a gingerbread house kit for Ash to put together. My sister came over Saturday night to help and I was so glad. Since Jeff was out of town retrieving said Christmas car, I was juggling runny-nose-reindeer Linc and elf-energized Ashtyn on my own. Sara came in and I handed over all gingerbread-house making to her and Ash while I cleaned up Linc.

Saturday, I wasn't quite feeling the love. I took the kids with me (since Jeff was out of town, that was my only option) to the photography place to view our pictures. Remember, I told you about our super short session where the photographer basically pushed us out the door after 15 minutes, assuring me he got amazing photos? Um, not true. I view the pictures and I can feel myself getting mad. We paid for an hour session, he took pics for 15 minutes. After the session, when I had mentioned that the session was really short and I asked if he was sure he got enough pictures, he told me (not nicely) that he's been doing this for 20 years and he knows what he's doing. He said that he got so many pictures of the kids smiling that he didn't need to do any more. Fine. Sadly, that was not the truth. Out of ALL the pictures, there wasn't ONE of Lincoln smiling. My little guy has a gorgeous smile. And there wasn't ONE of him smiling. I had to settle for the only picture where Linc had a half-way happy look on his face. By half-way happy, I mean not unhappy. I was really upset and disappointed. I finally manage to get my family to a photo studio, and it ends up being a terrible experience.

I tried not to cry on the way home. Both kids were crying and yelling, so it wouldn't have mattered if I did, but still.

I'm feeling just a tad run-down to be honest. Like I need a kid-free coffee date or something. The parents will be coming into town soon for the holidays and I am so ready for my mom to help with my little elves. I've got some work projects that are on my mind and needing my attention at the moment too. Also, I'm trying not to think about the fact that I consumed too much to say without embarrassment um, a lot of candy cane hershey's kisses, gingerbread cookies, and sugar cookies this weekend. I am literally obsessed with candy cane hershey's kisses. It's like cadbury eggs at Easter. Must. Have. Unfortunately, all that sugary goodness is followed by guilt.

Well, despite the runny noses and snowballed emotions, did I tell you we got snow this weekend? :) For me, the Christmas season just needs snow, so the fact that it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas outside my window makes me smile and is a blessing.

Today, my goal is to slow down. Read a Christmas story to my kiddos. Say a prayer of thankfulness for all I have. Regroup. Plan out my week and prioritize. Get a girls night on my calendar so I can have some fun-time with my girlfriends.

And run downstairs to see what that banging sound is. Oh dear.



  1. That is terrible about the family photos. Did you say anything when you saw them? You should get a free future sitting. If you don't get something you should post his name and tell your friends not to use him!!!

    Hang in there. The stress and never end to do list of the holiday season gets to us all.

  2. It's SOOOO hard to get good family pictures with kids, and I totally understand your frustration. I always get stressed out and frazzled when my kids won't sit still or smile or...the list goes on...and we end up missing the moment of opportunity. Can you get your money back??

    Life with little ones is hard (mine are 1 and 3), and constantly dealing with their needs in addition to crossing things off the Holiday To Do list is hard. Thinking of you, girlie!



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