Friday's Letters

We made it! Let's do letters shall we?

Dear Jeff,
Remember my letter last week about channel 60? Please address this.

Dear Self,
You seem to be itching for a DIY project. Hmm. What can we do?

Dear Week,
You were as slow as molasses. Really.

Dear Chopped on the Food Network,
I'm so addicted to you.

Dear Valentine's Cake Mix I Bought,
I have a feeling you will not last until Valentine's. Sorry.

Dear Ashtyn and Lincoln,
You two are the peanut butter and jelly on my sandwich. Mommy adores you.

Dear Sara,
I can't believe you found Taken 2 at the library! You have all the luck. Lucky for me you're my sister and will share with me. I love you forever and a day.

Dear Laura,
Believe me when I tell you I understand how terrible school can be sometimes. This is your sister who had to have a tutor help her with remedial math talking. I know and I care and I love you like crazy. It will get better. If it doesn't, run away to Colorado. I'll take you in.

Dear Self #2,
You might have a problem with procrastination. Making Pinterest boards of 80s vintage toys is extremely important, I'll grant you. But's let's try to get back to time management.


  1. Your first self post, your love of Chopped, and your week all correlate with my life.

  2. My husband is obsessed with Chopped. In fact, while I was training for a half marathon last year and had to run indoors, it'd be the ONLY show he'd play. Ha.

    I've been wanting to do some diy projects too but nothing is striking my fancy on Pinterest lately. If you find something, let me know!

    Newest follower from the blog hop! Can't wait to read more, friend!


  3. Procrastination. . . oh yes I know it all too well.

    Have a great weekend!

  4. oh that procrastination....always there to get us.

    I LOVE chopped, I can never guess who will win.


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