A Thirsty Soul

I like to read Ann Voskamp's blog A Holy Experience every now and then. So I hopped over there today and she had Liz Curtis Higgs as her guest blogger. Fun! Liz Curtis Higgs is one of my fave authors. She's someone with a deep love for Scotland (she writes about the Highlands) and today she posted a bunch of pictures of gates and doorways like the ones she's seen during her travels. One of the pictures was just so gorgeous that I had to borrow it (as mentioned, you can find the original on Liz's guest post here).

Isn't that beautiful? I looked at that archway and the winding road beneath it, and I felt this thirst in my soul. I want to be driving down that beautiful road, breathing in the scent of those trees, and enjoying the peace that comes with this picture. I'm not sure why, but when I see this picture, I just think of the smell of rain in the air and the feeling of tranquility.

You know what that tells me about myself? My soul is thirsty for peace.

My days are filled with sound. The sounds of the Disney channel. The sounds of my kids screeching, laughing, crying, wailing, talking, singing, shouting, fighting. The sound of my phone beeping because I have a text or an email. The sound of my phone ringing as Jeff calls me. And the sound of myself talking to friends and other people.

Honestly, all of those are good sounds. They are part of my life and the soundtrack to my days. But every once in a while, I want quiet. When I saw this picture, I imagined myself somewhere else for a moment. Maybe on an adventure in Scotland. Somewhere new to me but old to this world. Somewhere where the smell of rain was in the air and a low roll of thunder was in the distance.

What do you see when you look at this picture?

Do you ever feel this way? Like your soul is thirsty?

I grew up in Texas where we had thunderstorms. I've mentioned before that, living out here in Colorado, I miss the rain sometimes. I miss the thunder. I miss the trees in Texas. (Not all the bugs though!)

Life with kids is chaotic. And I'm okay with that. But when I have a moment where it hits me that my soul is thirsty, I know well enough to listen. That might mean I put the kids to bed early and turn off the TV and drink a cup of tea and just read. Maybe I need to take a long, hot shower. Maybe I need to sit alone for a few minutes and pray. Today, I needed to see this picture.

What do you do when you feel just a little desperate for peace? How do you quench that thirst? For me, I can only ignore the need so many times before having a meltdown. So it's best to recognize that even a small escape from chaos goes a long way. That hot shower can help me regroup. A quiet moment to pray makes all the difference.

My version of motherhood is loud . . . I don't mind it. I like to hear all the life going on in my house.

But I do hope there's an archway in Scotland somewhere in my future, loveys.


  1. Oh so true. My favorite thing to do is just go outside by myself - for a jog (OK, more of a walk) - if it's warm, and actually take in the beauty of nature, without pushing a stroller hoping that there are enough puffs to last the walk. :)

  2. That picture is beautiful - reminds me of how my son would just love to run through it saying "I'm going through the tunnel!" He loves tunnels. It makes me miss the days when my husband and I traveled the world. How we would get lost and walk 10 miles through an unknown city - lost, but together. It makes me long for an adventure :)

    Thanks for sharing!


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