Happy Valentine's Day!

Aren't those anniversary pictures just so much fun? I've looked at them about a million times. My girlfriend and I had dinner together the other night and we were talking about how we were married back in the pre-digital-picture era and how everyone today has such cool, amazing wedding pics, with all sorts of neat edits and poses. (Where was Pinterest back in those days??) That's part of why I feel so excited to have been able to get these new pictures in my wedding dress. I got the idea for taking the pics in downtown Denver from some wedding pictures I saw online. And my creative sister is able to do all kinds of cool stuff with pictures. I love, love, love the photos and plan to print off and frame a couple.

I hope everyone has had a 'happy hearts day'! It's been rather a hectic one on my end. We woke up to Valentine's and chocolates this morning. I looked at my kids eating chocolates and suckers at breakfast. What can I say? That's how we roll, people.

Then I took Ash to her daycare class party today, along with Lincoln (read: chaotic). Jeff and I took the kids to Chickfila for lunch after (more chaos and I think we must be crazy). Then it starts snowing. Really heavy, wet snow. The kind that is awful to be out in. The kids and I came home and I remembered that I'd had an inspired idea to make Jeff bread pudding for a Valentine's surprise. His mother's bread pudding is one of Jeff's all-time favorite desserts. I, however, have never made one in my life. Still, they make them on Chopped all the time. So I put one together and it was a great surprise for him. He loved it. (Gloria, you would have been proud of me!) But the topping turned out pretty thick. I think next time I'll make it thinner and pour it on while it's still hot.
Jeff got home and grilled steaks (out in the snow!). He'd told me that he was making dinner and he did a great job. All in all, it was a nice Valentine's Day here at the Bruce's. How was your V-Day, loveys?


  1. Those pics are GORGEOUS! Love love love them (and your hair, by the way). AND you still fit in your dress after 2 babes?! Go Girl. Glad you are having fun, Mama!

  2. Sounds like you had a great day, that steak looks good!

  3. love love love those pictures! Happy 10th Anniversary

  4. Lovely photos! My V Day went pretty well. Special lunch, while my guy was on his lunch break.
    I think I found you via the Aloha Blog hop. Followed your blog. Feel free to stop by: http://penpaperpad.com.

  5. omg mama, those photos are AMAZING! you are so gorgeous and these photos capture your and your husband's love so perfectly! So glad you had a fab daay!!! and I agree with Sheri, mad props to you lady for getting into your wedding dress!!!!


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