Refrigerator Fame

Today Ash came in from daycare holding a cut-out heart with sand glitter on it. She was beyond proud and announced, "I made this for you, and Daddy says this can go on the 'frigerator!"

So sweet. Obviously it immediately went up. There's just something special about mom and dad posting something on the fridge, right? It's on display for us all to look at and it basically means "We're proud of what you did. It's special and so are you." It's easy to feel proud of your children when they're so young, for one thing, much of what they do for us stems from a pure heart.

If only it were so easy for us to feel that way as grown-ups. But it's different. God doesn't have a big refrigerator up in the sky where all our work is hanging by magnets we picked up from different vacation spots (at least, not that I know of). But I do think He feels proud of us during those moments when we're trying hard, and disappointed by those things we do that are meaningless and selfish. Sort of the way we feel about our kids. I can feel crazy-in-love and frustrated-to-the-point-of-screaming with my kids about a hundred times each day.

Ashtyn can frustrate me--and then hand me a paper heart and I melt. She doesn't have to do anything extraordinary for me to adore her. The bonus to that is that at this stage in her life, I don't have to do anything extraordinary for her to adore me. She's not looking for more from me, she's not asking for anything. I rented a few Curious George movies from the library the other day and brought them home to her. Ashtyn's response? She lit up like a Christmas tree, and told me I was the "best mom in the whole live world." It's not just her paper heart that's refrigerator worthy to me. It's her real heart.


  1. So sweet!! And yea I agree the simplicity of kids is so great the smallest things can make their day. And sometimes when you do something and want recognition it can be easy to forget that God saw and he is happy.

  2. That picture could not be any cuter! And I agree. Kids are the sweetest things ever.

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