Today I'm having one of those days where part of you isn't feeling well, and the rest of you tries to pretend that you're fine and sickness is nowhere near you. I'm hoping I'm just having an off day. A little run down. More than a little tired since I couldn't sleep last night. But when I'm having this sort of day--the kind where I don't have any energy--I start to think about all the things I need to do, and I can feel overwhelmed. Even though I know I can only do one thing at a time, and even though I know it will all get done eventually. Also, since this weekend I drank more Diet Dr Peppers than should ever be allowed one human being, I'm trying to cut back on my soda intake today. That never helps my mood.

You ever have those moments? Where you don't really know what you need or what you want or what it will take to pull you up? Nine times out of ten, the answer for that for me involves sugar. But I'm not feeling it today. I think sleep is the answer. Night before last, Ashtyn woke us up around 2 am. She'd climbed into our bed and said, "Hey guys! Move over so my pillow fits!" (I have to admit I think it's pretty hilarious when Ash says to us," Hey guys!" It's an Ashtyn-ism.)

Well, yesterday I got to spend the afternoon with these lovely ladies. We sat at Starbucks and talked for something crazy like four hours. When moms get together, the stories are endless. It was good to catch up on life with these girls. All of us seem to be at different spots at the moment--one of us just got a new job, one of us just sold their house and will be moving in a few months, one of us is about to break ground on building a new house. (None of those were me.) It made me wonder, where am I at the moment? To be honest, there are things in my life I'm waiting on. God has been teaching me patience and continually impressing on me to wait. That's okay. Life is busy even in the waiting.

Where am I today? Just where I was yesterday. In this place of raising my kids, working on editing projects, building friendships, being a wife, blogging, cooking, cleaning, doing laundry, etc. It's a full life.

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  1. sweet update Brandy. You are juggling a lot but I agree with what you said that life is so full even in all of our demands. :) I hope that whatever you're waiting on will fulfill itself in the right timing for you.


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