Down for the Count

I was sick this week, loveys. The knock-you-down kind of sick that everyone has experienced at one time or another. It was a bad cold (viral), and I never feel my weaknesses so much as when I'm sick. You know how it is. Being nice is hard. Being loving is not on my radar. Patience is impossible. Both kids were sick with colds, too, and I was just praying Jeff wouldn't get sick so we'd have one person well enough to take care of everyone else. Also, my patience was really tested on Wednesday. I had to call my doctor four times, trying to get medicine. The staff was unhelpful. The nurse on the phone spoke to me in this patronizing tone as though I were four years old. It was enough to make me crazy.

Things were not going my way.

Do you ever feel like people just don't care? They don't care that you've already had to pay for doctor visits twice in the past two weeks. They don't care that your daughter's antibiotics just cost you more than a hundred dollars. They don't care that you're missing work, which makes it harder to pay for all these doctor bills. They don't care that even though you feel miserable and can barely hold your head up, you have to wait for 25 minutes once you get moved to the patient room to see the doctor, and then the doctor comes in without a care in the world and barely an apology that she's running late.

Oh gosh. Can you feel my frustration? You've just got a glimpse into my life this week and it hasn't been pretty. When we're sick, we're even less equipped to deal with all these things because we just don't have the strength we normally do. And when we're sick, we want people to care. It starts way back when we're little, wanting our moms and dads to take care of us and bring us orange Gatorade or Tang (maybe that was just at my house) and turn on cartoons for us and let us lay on the couch with a blanket. My mom was good at nursing my sisters and me whenever we were sick growing up. But no one wants Mom to be sick. We need her for everything.

I've had to be home sick from work this week because of this awful cold. But it has given me a little time to myself, to lay quietly and just think (and listen to the sound of myself sniffling and coughing).

You know what occurred to me? That when I'm sick, I'm very thankful for Jeff. I'm thankful for my family. I can text my sisters and they sympathize and are appropriately horrified by how the doctor's office is treating me. My mom gives me a list of instructions on what she wants me to do immediately to get well. My dad prays for me. Jeff brings me 7Up and orange soda (I've moved past Tang) and turns on the Food Network for me. My family loves me.

I wish people, in general, cared more about people. There are lots of people out there who do care, of course, but there are also lots of people who do not. I know I can take for granted all that I have. When we're sick, and down for the count, suddenly we're thankful and aware of those blessings we forget about each day. The blessing of health. The blessing of having a spouse to love on you when you're nose is running and you look awful.

Maybe I need that reminder sometimes.

I can be weepy when I'm sick (I know what you're thinking, Poor Jeff! He's got his hands full!). I'm emotional and can start to feel overwhelmed fast. But somehow, when I'm sick, Jeff has even more patience with me. I'm the same way when he's sick (well, sometimes. I try to be. I'm a work in progress, people). When I'm down for the count, Jeff picks up the slack. That's marriage. And while I've been feeling so awful this week, I've been reminded time and again of the blessing of marriage. Of the blessing of family. Of the blessing of health. God can use anything to remind us of things we need to remember. We're here to help each other. To be there for each other. To love on each other. To give grace to people when it's hard (I'm talking about you, staff at the doctor's office!). I'm reminded to give grace because I'm receiving so much of it.

I'm not well yet. This tragic cold is a monster that keeps lingering. But when we're weak, God is strong. When we're needy, the people who love us step up. As much as I hate being sick, I'm reminded of the blessing of family and having people who care. People who will hold onto you when you're hurting.

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  1. Mmmm, tang :) It was not just your house, I had it all the time growing up! And for the record, I'm 32 and still call my mommy when I'm sick. Not that she takes care of me in the same was as when I was little (obviously), but I know I'll ALWAYS find a sympathetic ear.

    Hope you feel better soon!


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