So What Wednesday!

It's been a while since I've joined So What! so I thought I'd link up today. Here's what I'm saying "So What!" to this week. So what if . . .

Ash has these super cute owl pajamas but I think the shirt is cute enough to be a regular shirt. So I never let her sleep in it, we just treat it like a normal shirt. It's warm and fuzzy (and it's freezing outside right now) so I put her in it today. She gets to daycare, walks up to her teacher, Ms. Sue, and says, "My mom put me in pajamas. This is my pajama shirt. I'm wearing pajamas."
I've been trying to get a base tan before we go to Texas. As usual, only half my body will tan. So my legs continue to be oddly white and splotchy while the rest of me is starting to get brown (only a little. Barely, actually). I went shopping for a dress and this multi-colored look I'm rocking made me so depressed that I decided I either need a longer skirt or pants.
I'm officially swamped with work at the moment. I'm trying not to let myself panic.
Today, while by myself, I turned on Curious George. It's apparently so much a part of my daily life that I watch it even when I'm alone. Uncool, I know. Curious George and Chopped--those are my shows.
I desperately need my bangs to grow out. The last girl who cut them was not really paying attention, and well, it's unfortunate for me.

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  1. And so what if I got totally excited that you were my first comment on my new blog (Breaking Into Myself) - I'm so glad you stopped by!

    My daughter has these "pants" that are so stinking cute... Yep, they're pajamas. ;-)

    I have a secret show... People who know it think I'm nuts. It's Caillou. I just love it! He's whiney, but I don't care. I'm bummed that my daughter is starting to outgrow it...


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