The Monkeys

I don't know about your kids, but Ash goes through spurts where she has a fave animal that she loves beyond measure. For a long time now, it's been "Pink Monkey." (I know, her eyes are gigantic.) I think I've told you about Ash's names for her dolls. She names them things like "Pink Monkey"--very descriptive, I know. We gave her a porcelain doll for Easter. When she opened it, I told her, "You've got to be careful. This is a China doll." The doll's current name? China. We had a playdate the other day and I heard one of the other little girls telling her mom, "Mom, you should meet Ashtyn's doll China."

Anyway, so Jeff and I went out on a much-needed date last night (Yay! Saw Iron Man 3!). We're at the movies when I get a text from our babysitter saying: "Ashtyn fell. And her Pink Monkey's eye broke off and I don't know what to do."

The movie hadn't started so I called home immediately. The fate of Pink Monkey is call-worthy, people. All I can get from the babysitter is that Ashtyn is fine but Pink Monkey's lost one of her eyes. I ask to talk to Ashtyn. When I ask Ash how Pink Monkey is doing, she starts crying. I tell her to calm down, make sure Pink Monkey gets some rest, and Daddy will fix her when he gets home. I hear Ash tell the babysitter, "Pink Monkey needs rest."

Ash was asleep when we got home but Jeff immediately pulled out the super glue and doctored up Pink Monkey. I woke up this morning to Ashtyn being sandwiched between me and Jeff in our bed. She opened her eyes and I said, "Go see what's on Daddy's nightstand." She crawls over Jeff and gasps with delight. Then began the Pink Monkey lovefest. She's fine, folks. Thank heavens.

There is just something about monkeys over here. Ash loves them. Of course, Curious George is a huge hit at our house. Linc now has a "blue monkey" since he was so jealous of Ash's pink one. Every year for forever, Jeff has gotten me a stuffed animal for Valentine's day, and it is inevitably a monkey. I'm not sure why. He stands in front of the stuffed animals and his eyes go right over the puppies and bears, and he finds the monkey wearing heart boxers to give me. In fact, the blessed Pink Monkey was originally a Valentine's Day present from Jeff to Ash. I remember smiling when I saw what he got her. The tradition continues on to his little girl. The boy goes for the monkeys. And his girls love them.



  1. This is so cute! Loved reading Brandy!

  2. I think it's great that she has a security friend!! I've found these attachments to a thing or animal or toy can help ease difficult transitions and when the vile is right they grow out of it!

  3. vile=time darn predictive text


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