Keep an Eye on my Lashes

Loveys, I have a confession to make.

I have been introduced to fake eyelashes. And I like them.

Here's the deal, so my sis wears them and they look amazing on her. So while we were in Texas, my aunt gave me this kit for fake eyelashes as a gift. I thought it would be fun to try them so I took the plunge and tried them out when Sara and I went to the musical in Denver. Totally. Hooked. I don't wear them often but definitely for special nights out. You guys know that we were at Jeff's regional meeting this past weekend. It's a fun weekend for the whole family and then the last night is a special awards dinner and they have childcare. Getting dressed up and leaving the kids with a sitter equals a special night out. Which equals fake eyelashes. Sweetheart Jeff grabs seats for us at the table at the very front with all the single guys (or guys whose wives did not come to the regional). Since there hadn't been childcare at the dinners before this point, I was really looking forward to having an actual conversation with one of the other spouses. That was not meant to be apparently. As we're sitting there, Jeff leans over and whispers, "You're sitting really still and quiet. What's up?"

I whisper back, "Keep an eye on my eyelashes. I'm worried about them." He just looks at me and smiles and nods. Obviously if one of those babies falls out, it's uncool in the worst way.

Luckily, all was well. :)

So the regional was a success for the most part. There were definitely moments where the kids frayed my last nerve and I teetered on the brink of momzilla. But I guess those moments are to be expected when you have small children who like to be fussy and cranky and when you're basically exhausted. We all survived it and my eyelashes stayed in place. You've got to focus on the positive, loveys.

We took the kids to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo one afternoon and that was super fun. You know how usually when you go to the zoo, the animals are all asleep and hiding (not that I blame them)? Well, they were all awake and there was even a teeny tiny baby gorilla that was literally the cutest animal ever. He looked like one of those little gorillas on Tarzan. Adorable. It was great except that I got scared by the tiger, resulting in an itty-bitty moment of frustration between me and Jeff while I'm wanting to run with the kids in the opposite direction. Seriously! The fence doesn't even go all the way up. And that tiger was running around, looking hungry and Lincoln looked small and eatable.

Moving on.

It was a family-time weekend and that was good for us. I love being with my family and a change of scenery is always good. We got home Saturday night close to midnight and then hosted a dinner party at our house Sunday. Yes. Call me crazy. But other than me running around like a mad woman cleaning while Jeff drove all over our town picking up benches our friends were lending us--it was fine. Future blog post on the way.

Blessings to you guys this week. Remember, focus on the positive. Oh, and maybe join the fake eyelash craze. ;)



  1. I've worn them a few times but I was like you and so scared they were going to fall off! lol

    1. I was actually the same way with clip in hair extensions. They looked great but I was so worried one was going to fall out and I would be so embarrassed! LOL

  2. lol the eye lashes... I loved them on you and want to try them but my hair is fake so one fke thing at a time.....



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