Slipping Through Your Fingers

The Kardashians are on my TV. Obviously Laura Beth Brumble is in the house. (P.S. Laura just told me not to blame her.) It's summer and L-to-the-B is here. She's been with Sara the last couple of days (having fun and watching Pretty Little Liars marathons, resulting in being scared to death). Now she's back at the Bruce home.

My sister comes out to visit us (and Sara and Nemo) in Colorado every summer for about two weeks. I am always amazed by how fast those two weeks go by. I always think of things I want to do while she's here, and then poof! I turn around and she's packing up to leave. Time slips through my fingers. We're more than halfway through her stay now, and I feel like she's leaving any minute. Laura and I went to dinner last night, which was fab.
Then we met up with Sara for coffee, which was double fab since the three Brumble sisters were together again. At one point Laura said, "Wouldn't it be so fun if we all lived close to each other?" I felt my heart tug. It would be. It's hard to be separated from people you love. And that's part of why I'm so thankful for the time we do get to spend together. I know for lots of siblings who live close, meeting up for coffee wouldn't be a big deal. But for Sara, Laura, and I to get to go to Starbucks together and talk about the Kardashians and Pretty Little Liars and the stacks of books Laura ought to be reading, it's magic.

Speaking of time slipping through my fingers, last night Jeff took the kids shopping and came home with Ashtyn's new backpack (first one ever) for kindergarten. Yes, loveys, it's cry-worthy. Kindergarten is getting closer. This morning Ashtyn was so excited to show me her Dora the Explorer backpack. It's pretty much the cutest thing ever, and Ashtyn wearing it is absolutely the cutest thing ever. Kindergarten, here comes Ashtyn.
I'm trying not to be overly emotional, though, no doubt, I'm feeling it. I know I will weep when we drop her off (and then feel like it's going to be fine as I pick her up a mere three and half hours later!). It's just time, and it goes fast. I cry nearly every summer when I take Laura back to the airport. For the same reason. It's time and it's slipping away.
You know what that tells me? There's not enough to be wasted. It's meant to be shared. We're meant to give grace to each other. We're meant to use kind words (the devotional I read this morning just really reminded me about watching the way I speak to people). We're meant to show love in our actions and be a light.
Am I doing all those things? Am I that woman?
I want to be. Every day is a new opportunity to be that person. I am so thankful for these moments spent with my sisters and my children. Tonight, Laura and Sara are watching the kids so Jeff and I can have a date night. I can't wait. I'm thankful for moments spent with Jeff. He really steps up and watches the kids often when Laura's in town so I don't feel as much pressure and so she and I can have fun together, which I really appreciate. And we're both looking forward to our date tonight. 
I'm not sure we've done even half the things I'd thought of for when Laura came to visit. But it doesn't matter. This summer has been a full one for me. Work projects and writing projects have loomed over me. But what matters is just time spent together. Like three dark-haired girls having coffee and giggling at an outdoor table at 9:00 at night together, looking out at dark blue mountains. 
It's magic.  

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