Starting Strong . . . Sometimes

My daughter goes to kindergarten.

Today as I walked her to her line up, she held my hand and almost skipped and said, "I love kindergarten!" Obviously this warmed my heart, though we weren't even two hours from the point earlier this morning where she climbed on the sofa and said she didn't want to go today. I understand the conflicted feelings. School often requires a love/hate relationship.

Are mornings hurried and frenzied at your house? Mornings were not my favorite time of day while growing up. Except weekends, Saturdays to be more specific. A large part of the problem was that we were mostly a family of non-morning people, so there was a lot of not wanting to wake up and then frustration and angst when we were running late.

I've told you guys before that sometimes I'm a third child for Jeff to wake in the mornings. I don't know where we'd be without him, but it would probably be late. This morning Jeff went to play basketball at something crazy like 5:30 am. And I woke up magically on my own around 6:45. I woke up and I rolled out of bed (also crazy, usually I talk myself into it for 15 minutes). There were reasons for this. Jeff wasn't there so I knew I needed to get the kids moving and I had a 9:30 meeting at work.

I was up and awake and somehow my morning went more smoothly.

I love mornings like that. I've tried to duplicate them, but alas, it's just one of those things that I have to be grateful for when it happens. I've noticed that when I'm not in a frenzy, I'm better at dealing with all of Ashtyn's angst and frenzy. Since I'm fully expecting both Ash and Linc to have plenty of frenzy and angst from here on out (especially during the teen years), anything that gives me an edge has to be taken note of.

Mornings where we start strong are a good thing. Jeff especially doesn't like disorganization and chaos. Me either, but I can get used to it. We did well the first few days with picking out clothes the night before school and such . . . then real life set in.

I know there will be mornings of chaos. More than not. However, I think I need to aim for starting strong when I can. I am not a morning person. Come to think of it, I'm not really a night person. Oh, dear. Where does that leave me? Someone who really loves sleep? I guess. But I also know that I come unraveled with too much chaos. It turns me into a crazy woman--and that's not all that great for Jeff and the kids.

Lists and schedules and good intentions only get you so far. Some people are better at following through with them than others (take a guess as to which camp I fall into). And I'm only one woman. At any given moment I'm thinking about looming (I do mean LOOMING) book deadlines, making Ash clean her room, needing to sweep the crumbs from underneath the table, whether I can get Jeff to put away the laundry, whether Ash's cough is a cold, the fact that the daycare center wants me to start potty training Linc, what I should wear for my meeting in the morning, the fact that Linc's birthday is practically upon me, the fact that my parents will be here soon so I really need to clean house, there's that blank list from Ash's teacher where I'm supposed to record the books we read to her nightly (please don't ask me how that's going), did I answer all my emails or did anyone slip through the cracks?, there's that stack of movies that needs to be returned to the library, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.

My mind is like a really long grocery list.

That's okay. I think it's a mom thing.

So, basically, there will be many mornings where I start sluggish. But I have to accept that starting sluggish isn't great for me or for my family. And where I can, I need to help them start strong. I think it helps to at some point during the morning, give my day over to God. It helps me to feel as though God is on my side as I tackle my day, and I am on his side with the decisions I make. It's a relationship, but he needs to be in control of it. And giving him my day gives me peace.

Fall is not even here and yet I feel the schedule getting away from me. And for lots of reasons, this fall is going to be loaded for me. Books to write, books to edit, school stuff with Ash, potty training with Linc--it's enough to remind me to give these days to the One who can keep my heart in peace.


  1. Hi Brandy,

    Don't forget to add some "You Time" to that list. We have to take care of us so that we can take the best care of those that depend on us.

    Easier said than done...I know. :)
    Warm Regards,

    1. Tracy, you are SOOOO completely right. Every mom needs "me" time or the craziness gets out of control. Thx, friend. :)


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