Halloween Days

 So today I've been watching Mrs. Miracle, making (and eating) pumpkin dip with ginger cookies, drinking cider (courtesy of my sweet girlfriend who dropped it off!), listening to Linc shuffle around and beg me for more marshmallows, and cleaning out the coat closet (so far all that's happened is that I've emptied everything into the dining room and feel confused as to how much stuff fit into that tiny closet). It's a gorgeous Halloween day in Colorado and I'm excited to take the kids trick-or-treating tonight (after physical therapy). Do you have Halloween traditions at your house? For the last couple of years, we've always had pumpkin dip with ginger cookies and we've watched Halloween movies (namely Harry Potter). This is Linc's first year trick-or-treating. You know what really surprises me? This the sixth Halloween we've had Ashtyn. That first year when she was just a baby, we dressed her up as a little kitty. The next year she was a pumpkin princess, the third year she was a pink Piglet, following year a puppy, and last year she was a dragon. This year she's a medieval princess. Six Halloweens already. They go fast, right?

Someone was saying something the other day about how the stores seem to bring out Christmas stuff earlier and earlier. You know what? It doesn't really bother me. You know why? Because Christmas makes me happy and the season always seems to fly by anyway. A little extra time of enjoying it works for me. I think some of us are desperate for hope and peace and love, and we feel those things a little more at Christmastime. There's something about nativity scenes and Christmas carols and twinkle lights that fills me with happiness. I know the season can be filled with stress. But I'm determining this year not to be so stressed. Fewer presents. Fewer activities, more family nights. More love, less stress. That's my motto this year.

We've reached Halloween--night of costumes and candy and giggles all around. Ready or not, here comes the holiday season. What's your plan for making it special? For making it memorable? We've had candy and cocoa and The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown at our house tonight. There was trick-or-treating and Ashtyn yelling out that she loved this night and loved Halloween. There was precious Lincoln holding out his bag and saying "twick or tweet" and "Tank you." The kids racing to the door to hand out candy. Mom and Dad sneaking Reeses peanut butter cups from the kids' piles of candy. :) It was a good night. Happy Halloween, loveys.

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  1. Precious family! Love the Christmas motto!


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